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Ticketchai.com Is The New Online Ticket Booking Service In Dhaka

Ticketchai.com is an online ticket booking service launched recently in Dhaka. It allows people to book their ticket online and helps them to avoid traffic jam, risk of not getting a ticket and long queues.

For now, the platform is offering its service for cultural events, sports events, theater (drama & cinema) and musical concerts. Over the time, it aims to include other services as well. While it offers an easy option to book ticket, the platform also allows you to sell tickets by using their platform. For selling ticket you have to fill up an information form and provide details of your event by login into the platform.

Booking ticket can be a hassle at times. You don’t get enough time to go out and book a ticket for your favorite movie show but you still crave for watching it. Service like Ticketchai can fix this problem. A modern man has everything but time. Ticketchai offers an easy solution to that problem. Buying a ticket is simple. You login to the website and choose a ticket for available events, fill-up the delivery address then select a method for payment and then confirm your order. That’s all you need to do.

The website of Ticketchai looks decent but number of events hosted on the site is very limited. Top of that, most of the events are either theater programs or music events. It is true that the platform is still starting out and focusing more in entertainment but there is more to entertainment than theater. However, we hope things will get better with time.

Omor works as an Intern at FS. He covers events, writes features, and meets entrepreneurs and makers and doers.

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