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Future Of Online Shopping In Bangladesh [Video]

Sep 3, 2015

Online shopping is booming in Dhaka. Numbers of eCommerce startups are growing fast. However, one particular problem has always been there that bothers both eCommerce entrepreneurs and buyers. It is absence of a seamless payment mechanism for buying/selling online.

There are multiple options but almost every option has got its problems. Payza, an online payment platform that lets you send and receive money, shop, make online payments, recently spoke to few e-commerce entrepreneurs and users to find out what's going on inside e-commerce industry. Payza has been working on making online transaction easier for users and eCommerce platforms. It has launched interesting products like Payza e-wallet that lets you to pay and receive money online without hassle. For eCommerce platforms it offers a seamless payment solution. However, there is more to do.

The following video, prepared by Payza Bangladesh, puts together perception, insight, and ideas of few Bangladeshi eCommerce entrepreneurs and users. It speaks volume about the future of online shopping in Bangladesh, problems and prospects of the sector, and how a great payment mechanism can contribute to making the scenario better.

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