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11 Important Facts To Understand eCommerce Sector In Bangladesh

Jul 11, 2015

1) Who Buys Online Most: 25-34 years old population. 61% of total ecommerce customers come from this age bracket.

2) Most Popular Items: Men's clothing, Fashion Accessories, Watches, Jewelry, Casual Footwear

3) Brand Loyalty: Only 16% of customers are loyal to a particular brand/ecommerce website 

4) User Engagement: 57% people spend less than 10 seconds time on an ecommerce website whereas only 4% people spend 1800+ seconds.

5) Desktop Dominates: 71% of visitors come from desktop pc.

6) Cash On Delivery Rules: 95% people prefer cash on deliver whereas only 1% of customers pay via credit card.

7) Internet Users: 40,800,000, Average penetration rate is 25%.

8) Women Don't Buy Online: Only 17% women buy online whereas it is 83% for male. 

9) Operating Systems Used For Ecommerce Browse: Windows 69%, Android 23%, IOS 3% 

10) Browsers: Firefox dominates [37%], Chrome follows closely [34%], Opera Mini goes strong [12%] 

11) Apple Users Buy Online: iPhone and iPad together are sources for total 11% of sessions.  

[su_note note_color="#f9fafd" text_color="#4e8df6" radius="4"]Note: Source-Kaymu Bangladesh Research, Disclaimer: Publishing of the research does not mean FS agree with all the facts mentioned above. [/su_note]

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