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10 Quotes From Global Entrepreneurship Summit 2015 [Recap]

Jul 27, 2015

Here are 10 Quotes you should know from GES 2015. We're working to bring you more recaps from Global Entrepreneurship Summit. Follow us on Facebook and Twitter. Interesting recaps are on the way!

1. As an entrepreneur, you never stop learning.

2. Don't wait for the perfect time, you will wait forever. Always take advantage of the time you are given and make it perfect for you.-Dyamond John

3. The difference between dreams and success is, dreams need effortless sleep and success needs sleepless efforts. ~Akon

4. Every child that is born has the potential, all you have to do is kindle the human spirit and ignite the fire. ~Iqbal Paroo

5. “Attitude is everything; calculated risk is necessary to grow entrepreneurship” ~ AnneWaiguru

6. "The 1st day of the #GES2015Kenya brought together over 3000 people ready to become investor ready" ~AnneWaiguru

7. Stop aiming for mediocrity. Think big. Aspire.

8. "If you don't believe in yourself nobody else will" @dghettuba

9. Entrepreneurship is about hard work and perseverance, coupled with innovation and creative approaches to business.

10. Failing forward : Our failures can bear as much fruit as our successes if we choose to learn from them.

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