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Are You An Entrepreneur From Chittagong?

Impact-a nationwide entrepreneurs’ showcase program- has opened its application cycle for its 2015 Interview series! From June 10 to August 30, 2015, we will interview and feature 50 entrepreneurs from 7 divisions of Bangladesh for a nationwide inspiring entrepreneurship program. Each interview will be published on www.futurestartup.com. At this moment we are looking for young entrepreneurs from Chittagong division working towards bettering Bangladesh. Applications and nominations are now live. 

Being a developing country, Bangladesh is a shelter to a large number of socio-economic crises such as youth unemployment, poverty, education, and violence against women, malnutrition, energy, and more. Most of these problems relate to the youth and their unemployed selves. Every year around 2 million young people join the work force, only 60% of whom get job either inside the country or abroad, rest of the 2 million remain unemployed or underemployed. But what if we can create a module that will inspire, educate, empower and channel this huge pool of young people to take initiatives to solve the rest of the burning problems in their communities?

Supported by EMK Center For Public Services and Arts, ‘Impact’ is going to showcase provocative and inspiring stories of 50 entrepreneurs from all the 64 districts of Bangladesh. Through these stories, ‘Impact’ envision inspiring and enabling young people to take initiatives to solve small and big problems around them. This project aims to create confidence in young people and make them understand that they can find their own path by telling them stories of who have already done so and giving many of them an opportunity to meet with people who are doing great works.

Having a young population is an opportunity and a huge risk at the same time. If we can’t properly channel this resource and give them opportunities to explore their abilities, they will become burden for the nation and thus will become problems themselves. One of the most effective ways to avoid such situation from arising is to enable the youth to understand that they can as well do something, make positive changes, create opportunities for themselves as well as for others, solve the pressing issues of the society and contribute to welfare of the country at large.

We are looking for entrepreneurs from Chittagong. 10 entrepreneurs from Chittagong Division will be selected to be interviewed and featured in the project. Application and Nomination for Impact Chittagong is open now. Anyone who has started a business or nonprofit or invented something can apply or anyone can nominate someone who is doing something great.

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