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AMA: I’m Minhaz Anwar, Founder of Better Stories Limited, And Co-Director Of Founder Institute Bangladesh. Ask Me Anything.

Hi There! I’m Minhaz Anwar. I'm an entrepreneur, startup activist, and opportunity broker for less advantaged. Currently I run Better Stories-an Ideas Agency Based in Dhaka and also Co-Director of Founder Institute Dhaka. For last 15+ years I have been looking at local business landscape and development domain and have realized that it is the young entrepreneurs of Bangladesh who would change the game for the country. I started Bangladesh's first business incubator proper called BizCube in the year 2010 which is a member of Infodev and National Business Incubators Association, USA.

I’m the licensee and Organizer of Bangladesh StartUp Cup and host of this 7-month long mentorship driven business model competition in Bangladesh. I’m also a board member at Bangladesh Youth Enterprise Advice & Helpcentre (BYEAH), which is accredited by the Youth Business International (YBI) UK, a Charity founded by the HRH Prince of Wales that leads a global network of independent country initiatives helping young people start their own business and create employment. Recently I joined World Startup Cup as an advisor.

I’m passionate about entrepreneurship and love to help early stage founders to build their companies.

Please do ask me questions in the comment, I will reply in next one week.

Extension Notice: Deadline for this AMA has been extended till June 18, 2015. So guys you can still submit questions.

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