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Workshop On VC Funding For Entrepreneurs Held In Dhaka

May 2, 2015
VC funding workshop

Chakri Khujbo Na, Chakri Debo-a Facebook based group that promotes and supports entrepreneurs organized a workshop today titled ‘Venture Capital Investment For Entrepreneurs’ in order to enable entrepreneurs with bits and pieces of venture funding. The event held at the city’s Bishwo Shahitto Kendro was embraced by entrepreneurs and aspiring entrepreneurs. Experts from BD Venture Ltd and SEAF Ventures Management discussed about venture funding and also gave answers to the questions of attendees. This is a very good initiative for startups and entrepreneurs of the country given the fact that a full-fledged funding mechanism is yet to develop in Dhaka.

Funding is one of the big issues for entrepreneurs in Bangladesh. Although funding seldom determines success of a venture but a recent report on difficulties aspiring entrepreneurs face in Bangladesh claims that more than 42% participants reported lack of fund as the major reason for not being able to start a business.

Truth be told, any solid funding mechanism for early stage startups is yet to develop in Bangladesh. The very idea venture funding is yet to become familiar which is one of the major gaps in the eco-system. We hope events like this one will have measurable impact and help building a solid funding mechanism for startups and entrepreneurs over the time. 

Image by Chakri Khujbo Na, Chakri Debo

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