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Growth Hacking: 10 Lessons From World’s Fastest Growing Startups [infographic]

Startup = Growth, wrote Paul Graham of Y Combinator. It makes sense. Value of a startup is often measured based on its future growth potential but how do you know about future if you don’t see the present. It is like morning shows the day. However, growth is not as simple as it sounds.

There are startups that enjoy tremendous growth, there are startups that enjoy growth for a certain period of time and then stop growing and there are startups that never find their growth engine. What separates few outliers that grow like wildfire?

Morgan Brown of GrowthHacker published an article on Medium based on his extensive study on growth of fastest growing companies. This infographic takes Morgan’s article as inspiration and tries to explain what it takes to grow and how you can also be one of those fastest growing startups.

Morgan and Sean Ellis published a book based on their study of growth that includes report and case studies of 10 fastest growing startups of the world. The book is available on Amazon.

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