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Yes, You Can Avoid Wasting Time In Traffic Jam! 9 Tips To Maximize Your Productivity In Dhaka

Aug 23, 2014

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Ruhul Kader is a technology business and technology policy analyst based in Dhaka, Bangladesh. He is also the co-founder and CEO of Future Startup and author of Rethinking Failure: A short guide to living an entrepreneurial life. He writes about internet business, strategy, technology, technology policy, and society. He can be reached at [email protected]

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মোহাম্মদ ওহীউলইসলাম
মোহাম্মদ ওহীউলইসলাম
6 years ago

This is a great article with some awesome practical tips about saving hours that we waste everyday in Dhaka.
I would like to add one more point:
If someone can move to a place that is close to work, that benefits in terms of saving time and a lot more.

Point seven tells about reading e-books and listening to music. Unfortunately, those don't work for me. I got ear infection from headphones 🙁 and what's worse than that is the bumps and jerks on the road disturb our focus on the screen of mobile phone/tab/ i-pad which is not good for your eyes. People who take "local" bus trips to work and other places probably know what I'm saying.

Ruhul Kader
Ruhul Kader

taking public transport is worse option and for most people it is inevitable one. Yes, listening music and watching something or reading is not that much good option but still considerable.

And your point about moving close to work is good and many people really consider it at times. But more often than not, it's hard to find suitable housing to move as well.

Thanks for reading and caring

Nezam Uddin
6 years ago

I can remember the day when It took just 02 hours to commute from Shahbag to Kakrail. I was standing in a local bus and waiting for the traffic to be cleared. I don't know for what I was waiting for such a long time, and its a reality for most of the city dwellers.

I think Walking is the best solution a person can do to remain productive in Dhaka.

Ruhul Kader
Ruhul Kader
Reply to  Nezam Uddin
6 years ago

It happened to me as well. Willingness and a bit comtemplation can solve a lot of problems

Jayed Hussan
Jayed Hussan
6 years ago

Number 5 is the most important tips. It worked for me. Unlike other busy cities i have visited, Dhaka wakes up late and sleeps late. If you start very early in the morning, you can reach one end to other end of the city in 30-40 minutes.
Thumbs up for such a nice article

Ruhul Kader
Ruhul Kader
Reply to  Jayed Hussan
6 years ago

I agree. Besides, there are other benefits to rising early as well.

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