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10 Resources For Women Who Want To Code

Resources for Coding

[su_dropcap style="flat" size="5"]T[/su_dropcap]Technology-based businesses are thriving in Bangladesh. Teams of developers are building websites, mobile applications, databases, and more for both domestic and international markets. However, many tech companies struggle to find candidates with a background in computer science, creating an excellent opportunity for women to enter the technology sector by learning coding basics. Below is a list of free online educational coding resources that have been designed to help teach beginners, and especially women, to code. These tools help users develop working knowledge of a variety of programming languages, without requiring a full-time commitment.

1. Girl Develop It -

Girl Develop It is an organization that provides affordable and accessible programs to women (18+) who want to learn web and software development. Though Girl Develop It is based in the US, they have a variety of reference materials on their website, including curriculum for classes on Javascript, Python, and Android.

Many tech companies struggle to find candidates with a background in computer science, creating an excellent opportunity for women to enter the technology sector by learning coding basics

2. Girls Who Code

Girls Who Code works to close the gender gap in the technology and engineering sectors in the US. They offer resources for starting your own Girls Who Code club wherever you are. You can apply to lead the club, or just download the club curriculum for self-study.

3. Digigirlz

Digigirlz is a program designed by Microsoft to give high school girls the opportunity to learn about technology. They offer online courses and podcasts online.

4. Pyladies -

Pyladies is a community for female coders who enjoy coding in the Python language. They offer a variety of Python coding resources on their website.

5. Code School

Code School is a gamified online learning platform that teaches programming and web design skills. You earn rewards and badges as you complete interactive exercises.

6. Khan Academy

Khan Academy offers a range of interactive learning modules, including a range of computer science tutorials for beginners.

7. Google Developers YouTube Channel

The Google Developers YouTube Channel is a storehouse of talks, screencasts, and interviews on various Google products.

8. Udacity

Udacity offers a range of MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses) on topics related to Computer Science, Math, Physics, and Business.

9. Coursera

Like Udacity, Coursera offers a range of MOOCs, but on almost any topic you can think of.

10. Codeacademy

Codecademy offers online interactive lessons on six different coding languages: Python, PHP, jQuery, Javascript, Ruby.

Coding is the new literacy. So, Keep calm and Code!

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Alyssa Ransbury

Alyssa Ransbury: After receiving an undergraduate degree from Lewis & Clark College in Portland, Oregon, Alyssa was awarded a Fulbright Fellowship to study and teach in Dhaka. Now, serving as Head of Operations at G&R-Bangladesh’s first and largest online ad network and as an analyst at Inflection Ventures, Alyssa works to support local websites, tech companies, and the Internet ecosystem as a whole.


Eddie Bearnot: Eddie Bearnot is currently serving as Director of Operations at Direct Fresh- Bangladesh’s first online luxury grocery store and wholesale supplier. Prior of working with Direct Fresh, Eddie worked at Innovations for Poverty Action as a Project Associate and at World Policy Journal as Contributing Author. Eddie is passionate about startups, technology and community and is actively involved with startup community in Dhaka.

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