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Introducing A New Column On Women, Entrepreneurship and Technology In Bangladesh

To achieve prosperity as a nation, we need to empower girls and women to start and join businesses, non-profits, and social ventures. A Bangladesh that grows as quickly as it does equitably will require as many women as men to become entrepreneurs, change makers, creators, and initiators. Women and girls are already active members of society,but the reach and scale of their impact is too often limited to their homes, families, or local communities. The first step to nudging more girls and women into powerful, decision-making positions in business is to create and disseminate information about opportunities and best practices.

At Future Startup, we have been talking about women entrepreneurship for a long time. We have long recognized the lack of women entrepreneurs in Bangladesh, especially in technology. While there has been some progress, many women still miss out because they are prevented from participating, don’t have a strong platform for networking,or lack of access to information.

In an effort to contribute to this discussion and provide important information to aspiring female entrepreneurs, managers, and activists, Future Startup is happy to announce a new column: ‘Breaking Barriers: A Column on Women, Entrepreneurship and Technology in Bangladesh.’The bi-monthly column, a collaboration between Future Startup, Alyssa Ransbury, and Eddie Bearnot, will shed light on issues related to women, entrepreneurship, management, and technology.There will be a special focus on how women can leverage technology, tools and other opportunities to have an impact on society, while launching and growing successful careers..

Let’s learn more about the column from the Authors:

In Bangladesh, women working in Technology and Startups face many challenges. This column will provide tools, solutions, and advice for women (and men!) on how to overcome common workplace barriers. These lessons come from 2 years of working with leading Bangladeshi tech start-ups, but are applicable to just about any job, in any industry.

About the Authors:

Alyssa Ransbury

Alyssa Ransbury: After receiving an undergraduate degree from Lewis & Clark College in Portland, Oregon, Alyssa was awarded a Fulbright Fellowship to study and teach in Dhaka. Now, serving as Head of Operations at G&R-Bangladesh’s first and largest online ad network and as an analyst at Inflection Ventures, Alyssa works to support local websites, tech companies, and the Internet ecosystem as a whole. Alyssa is a strong advocate for technology as a tool for the empowerment of women and offline, actively promotes local women’s basketball programs.


Eddie Bearnot: Eddie Bearnot is currently serving as Director of Operations at Direct Fresh- Bangladesh’s first online luxury grocery store and wholesale supplier. Prior of working with Direct Fresh, Eddie worked at Innovations for Poverty Action as a Project Associate and at World Policy Journal as Contributing Author. Eddie is passionate about startups, technology and community and is actively involved with startup community in Dhaka.

Schedule: This will be a bi-weekly column, to be published on the 16th and 26th of the month. However, depending on article priority and other issues there may be some changes in the publishing schedule. Sign up for our newsletter or follow us on Facebook & Twitter to get regular updates.

Content plan: A flexible content plan will be published soon. We want to make the column interactive and collaborative. You can ask questions; write to the authors with your opinion, questions, or problems.

Help us to get better: Let us know your feedback, opinions, suggestions, and questions to make this column better.

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