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Procedure, cost, and time for getting IRC & ERC

WE can do nothing but complain that getting any kind of certificate, license for doing business in Bangladesh is a pure hassle. You do have to run a lot and visit lots offices including few wrong offices. Moreover, almost every Government office operates like a market, worse than market, no system works. People sit here and there. Nobody listens to nobody.  You will see info desk but with no human being to provide you required information. Asking for helps, most of the cases, in a Government office for free does lead no where.

However, we, business men, have to do things and move forward. So, we do take the way we take. In case of getting your IRC & ERC form, you may also need to walk few extra miles. Never mind!

Let's peel the bean, we'll be seeing how to get Import & Export Registration Certificate in Bangladesh and what documents we need to submit, and the cost of doing all these.

Who gives Import Registration Certificate (IRC) & Export Registration Certificate (ERC):

Office of the Chief Controller of Imports & Exports provides ERC and IRC certificates. Saying goes that any one having Import Registration Certificate (IRC) and anyone having Export Registration Certificate (ERC) can Import & Export any permissible item without any value and quantity restrictions!

Contact Information:

Phone: + 88 - 02- 9551556, + 88 - 02 - 9550289
Fax: + 88 - 02 - 9550217
Address:111-113, Motijheel Commercial Area, Dhaka - 1000.
E-mail: controller.chief@yahoo.com

Well, we suggest not to email because it'll just help you to waste energy. Instead visit physically and talk and manage.

Documents required:

(i) Trade Licence;
(ii) Membership Certificate from recognized Chamber/Trade Association;
(iii) Tax Identification Number;
(iv) Bank Certificate;
(v) Memorandum and Articles of Association and Certificate of Incorporation (in case of Limited Company).

Time required:

Website of Office of the Chief Controller of Imports & Exports claims: 'On submission of the above documents, we issue IRC/ERC within three hours, i.e. within the same day'. However, don't take this seriously and we advise you to keep disposable time in your hand.

Fees for IRC:

IRC fees depends on value of import and there are six categories:

IRC Fees

ERC Fees:                   

                       Initial registration fees                 Renewal fees
Exporter    BDT. 7,000.00                                              BDT. 5,000.00
Indentor   BDT. 40,000.00                                            BDT. 20,000.00

Info Source: www.ccie.gov.bd

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11 comments on “Procedure, cost, and time for getting IRC & ERC”

  1. Where can I get Membership Certificate from recognized Chamber/Trade Association. Do you have a list of Trade Association?

    1. my firm name B.F.Trade international we are intersted membership trade association.

      1. Hello Rubel, What is the type of your organization? If you are in RGM sector, then BGMEA is one kind of trade association. If you are in real estate business, then REHAB is another one. Almost every sector has a government recognized trade association. Besides, you can get a membership of DCCI, which is general in nature.


  2. Dear Admin,
    i wanna have an export and import licence to startup electronic goods from overseas and export handicraft from BD. could u please tell me the related trade union for this? and how much money it required ( approximate underhand included) for the entire process?

  3. all license activities are in reasonable cost thanks to license authority.

  4. well.dear admin i want to know about export and import license .How much it will cost to make a license ?i want to do mobile phone business from china.i will import mobile phones from china.can you please let me know about it.

  5. Hello Future Startup, your prima facie information is very correct. Congratulations on your start up.
    However, I have a concern. I need to export a few of my old household appliances that I brought from Saudi Arabia, years ago when I was working there. Of course, I had brought in by paying Customs duties at Dhaka Air Freight Terminal.

    Now, I am living in Canada and like to bring a few of those from Dhaka. I am not sure if it is called Re-Export.
    Please advise me how can I get a permission during my next visit in Dec-Jan (2016-17).

  6. How to get the export & import licese registration fee ?

    online apply ?

    kurigram world travel agency

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