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Taslima Miji Shares Her Story And Insight For Entrepreneurs [2nd FS Talk recap]

Taslima Miji, founder & CEO of Techmania, spoke at the 2nd FS Talk held on May 25, 2013 at the city’s EMK Center. Taslima-a woman, activist, and an entrepreneur-a rare combination for us- started her talk like a sister talking with her brothers, like a friend trying to energize an adda. She started her talk with her story of starting-up and becoming an entrepreneur-a journey full of struggle, courage and determination. Follows is a lightly edited snippets from her talk. 

It was a coincidence

Taslima has an educational background of sociology, was working as a journalist before starting her own business. Initially she was happy with her profession. When the TV channel she was working in shut down, she was worried and thought about other options.

But suddenly things turned out differently and with the suggestion of her friends she started with a small shop in Multiplan center. That was it. As she said: “It was a coincident, I never aimed for it but it happened and I’m happy that it happened this way.”

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Business is the development

As a Sociology Major, it is very common for her to work in the development industry, commonly known as NGOs. But she denied working with an organization which solely depends on donations of others. She has an alternative thought about development. She doesn’t believe that NGOs with existing model can take the responsibility of greater development of a country. She believes in entrepreneurship. 

“Business is the ultimate approach to development and we should focus on developing more entrepreneurs”

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Challenge outperformed by the power of courage and community

The Journey of entrepreneurship was not easy for Taslima. Her savings was too little to start even a mini enterprise.

She thinks she was lucky enough to have a community who always encouraged her. They helped her to collect fund from Banks and other sources.

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Taslima Miji speaking

Tips for start-ups/entrepreneurs

Customer satisfaction comes first

"Customer satisfaction has always been our main focus". The reflection of this focus is portrayed with the continuous flow of customers that often causes envy to her competitors.

"If you could make your customer satisfied they would do marketing for you and refer new customers to you", she added.

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Offer extra help 

She often helps customer beyond her responsibility as a hardware provider. As she sells computers she intentionally approaches the customer with some technical helps.

May be it is about opening an e-mail account or running some programs. That really worked and the customer felt bonded and loyal. As a result, they contribute to Techmania as brand ambassadors by referring to their friends and relatives while purchasing computer products.

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Motivation works better than control

While talking about her human resource management style, she emphasized on building a team where members are personally engaged. She doesn't compromise with her working standard except some special conditions. But she and her team are very sensitive to each other’s problems.

This type of mutual understanding and bonding helps them to work better as a team. "Motivation works better than control," Taslima claimed.

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