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Launch checklist (Part-01)

This is a 40 steps product/service launch check list. I will be writing 3 posts on it. Each post will be dealing with specific issues on pre-launch activity, during launch activity and post launch activity.

Launch checklist (Part-01)

Product launch is a highly customized issue. Every product launch is different based product type, media, buyers type etc. However this checklist will come to use as a basic understanding material.

Today we will be talking on pre-launch activities.

Pre-launch activities:

1. Define your target market ( Ex: region, age, income level etc.)
2. Define your value proposition. (Ex: UNICOM provides out of home advertising services and it helps its clients to view their billboards in premium sites of the country.)
3. Estimate market demand (Ex: how many products you hope to sell in one day, week, & month)
4. Decide on alternatives ( Ex: what will you do if there is an excess demand, low demand etc)
5. Send some complimentary copy to connectors and mavens (Ex: media people, PR firms, sector experts etc)
6. Decide on bonus, reward for early buyers (EX: discounts, bonus, gifts etc)
7. Prepare press materials and review it (if feasible appoint a PR firm)
8. Decide on outlet for your products means where buyers will get them and make as convenient as possible ( keep it selective but convenient)
9. Announce your launch date and keep updating till launching is done.
10. Never kill excitement among your prospects
Disclaimer: I am no expert or guru. Every day I hear (& read) from all kinds of people in our community who are doing much bigger things than me. Moreover, I have been trying to explore the idea of starting-up for last few months. Please let me if have any idea about how better one can launch a product. Or if you’ve any other ideas to add.

Mohammad Ruhul Kader is a Dhaka-based entrepreneur and writer. He founded Future Startup, a digital publication covering the startup and technology scene in Dhaka with an ambition to transform Bangladesh through entrepreneurship and innovation. He writes about internet business, strategy, technology, and society. He is the author of Rethinking Failure. His writings have been published in almost all major national dailies in Bangladesh including DT, FE, etc. Prior to FS, he worked for a local conglomerate where he helped start a social enterprise. Ruhul is a 2022 winner of Emergent Ventures, a fellowship and grant program from the Mercatus Center at George Mason University. He can be reached at ruhul@futurestartup.com

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2 comments on “Launch checklist (Part-01)”

    1. Thanks for reading.

      #2: briefly: What do customers receive when exchanging money for your product/service? Give your reason why people should buy your product instead of your competitors (USP).

      #10: Take Apple, it keeps fans in a unending excitement until product release via using media and paid and unpaid gossips. In case of start-ups one have to be creative to keep excitement alive among prospects.

      Hope this will work:)

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