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Looking forward: Defining few critical aspects of Future StartUp

Looking forward: Defining few critical aspects of Future StartUp

At the time I’m writing this post, very few people will be reading . The Futurestartup.com site has been live for one year successfully, bingo! We remember, we started this journey of helping people to take initiative and to make something happen in August 2011. We have chosen the slogan “inspiring entrepreneurship in Bangladesh” which tells almost everything about us- what we want to do and why. Till today we’ve not announced about it anywhere or done any promotion except some Facebooking.

However, we have favored by some very extraordinary people who helped us to get out into the world a lot. We are grateful to them.

Few months from now we’ll go live with a more public and more open launch. In the mean time, we will be tweaking the design, getting things arranged and fixing some other issues. It’s better be ready to accept surprises.

While I’m writing this, after one year of expedition, we have a monthly reader of around 7000-20,000 (it varies) and it means when this post will go up on an average 230 people will read this. It is not bad. Rather we think it’s fantastic.

We don’t want a lot traffic on our site. And we are, certainly, not creating for everyone out there, we are creating for the people who love making things happen, taking initiative and starting-up.

After one year many things are clear now to us and to many of our readers. When we started in 2011, lots of things were not clarified and conveyed directly as it should be. This post will try to deal with some of those issues.

What is the story?

Our story is actually the story of Bangladesh. We don’t have enough entrepreneurs to push our economy forward. We don’t have enough platforms to help people who want to start. Our education system does not bother about entrepreneurship and the education our students are receiving in class rooms are not adequate to start and run a venture successfully. Somewhat it’s also true for many other developing, even developed countries. We want to be a thrust to break this stagnation.

What we are trying to do?

This website is not for everybody. It’s for the people who want to start, who want to make something happen and who want to bring positive changes. Besides we have a special interest group: youth. If you think you are not represent this group of people, better you stop reading any more.

Let’s have a specific look on what we are really up to:

Information: We provide/curate information on how to start, where to go for registration, how to get your trade license, non-profit license, etc (in Bangladesh) and run features on different business sectors and problem and prospects of those sectors.

Inspiration: We feature successful entrepreneurs and people from different walk of life to inspire the idea of making something happen.

Education/Knowledge: Starting is not enough, how to sustain is also important. We curate expert knowledge on how to make a venture successful.

Ideas: We are concern about future of business and social movement. We celebrate groundbreaking ideas by featuring them, inspiring them and sharing them with everybody out there.

Then our goal is simple, to inform, inspire, educate people to take initiative and make it a success. The project is about starting up and making ideas a reality.

Way ahead:

• From now on we are going to post 3 times in a week. Most of the articles will be within 1000 words and sometimes more. Please come back on every Thursday, Sunday & Tuesday.

• 25-30 entrepreneurs will be featured on FS web in next one year.

• We will be featuring one start-up firms in per month

• 4 special features series will be conducted by August 2013

• We will be publishing a manual for starting-up in Bangladesh by August 2013, please come back and check for updates.

• We will be launching an additional E-mail monthly newsletter soon

• We will also be launching Bangle version by two months from now.

Staying relevant and useful to our readers is our only target. We will be doing almost everything to promote the idea of entrepreneurship among young people of Bangladesh. Please let us know if you have any idea to add or if you have any special suggestion for us. Thank you.

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