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Bottom of Pyramid (BOP) Strategy: Development through Business

Jul 10, 2012

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Mostafa mukul
Mostafa mukul
8 years ago

nice article...as far as i understand, its a gap of theory and implementation. i also doubt about their mnc's contribution. can u provide some example, who r purelyfollowing this model ?

Md. Ashiqur Rab
Md. Ashiqur Rab
Reply to  Mostafa mukul
8 years ago

Thanks Mr.  Mostafa mukul for reading this article.....You got the point that 'its a gap of theory and implementation'. Some evidences show many MNCs which targeted the BOP segment doing well in this market. If you see towards market share/growth of Unilever/Nestle in Bangladesh where they are providing products priced according to consumers' affordability (Not as flat global standard), occupied most rural market who lays in BOP. You have seen cellphone and mobile communication companies also hold the vast BOP segment. Tobacco/cigarette companies also occupied a big market share of BOP. But, the question remains whether MNC's are improving BOP's standard and choices! (Though it is considered that targeting,creating and offering products for BOP links the way of improving their living standard). So, we can believe BOP can be improved if proper business practice is done.....              


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