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Team work for Startup

Team work for Startup

Once, while interviewing, I asked a successful entrepreneur, what do you mean by startup? He answered me, “a startup is a ‘one man’ organization”. Then I asked him does it mean ‘a startup doesn’t need any team work’? He replied me, “In the very early stage of every venture it’s very tough to have identical-minded people driving towards one goal. It happens because every venture is initiated by an idea coming from a person, who primarily thinks about it, personally tries to get more precise information about it, talk with seniors/fellows about the idea, or disseminates the idea to his friends. If his peers get his accent then they bind into a team and start a venture. But, it is critical to disseminate the concrete idea to the all peers, most of the cases some peers can’t get the idea fully and after walking a significant way they quit it; or some peers try to add new aspects and ideas but the forerunner or other members can’t accommodate the ideas for one reason or another, then little conflicts appears which sometimes incline to shrink the team. By this way a startup’s team work goes on and most cases all the jobs, thinking, ideas become centralized by the forerunner-the One Man. Consequently, the startup is introduced through a person only. But, when some structured goals, objectives, activities, responsibilities or model raised up then a startup’s ‘team work’ goes diversely. But before this period, startups team work is most critical.”

Basically he shared, what I could get, is ‘though a startup got a small team but the team can’t work diversely for one reason or another, consequently it is controlled, run and introduced by a person alone’. But he didn’t shrink the necessity of having a team for startup. From his viewpoint we can assume ‘though a startup is centralized by a person, but it needs a team and the team should try its best to be more active, mutual and goal oriented and the forerunner or the entrepreneur should manage everything needed.’

What could be the startups initial team work?

  1. Clearing ventures basement concepts:  A startup’s initial team work should focus on clearing its basic mission, vision, areas of work/activities, revenue model, management team, product or services, website creation. All these activities are not easy to be done. It needs massive brainstorming & hard work and a person alone can’t manage all these activities. So it needs a strong team work.    
  2.  Creating necessary papers, documents: After clearing its basic concepts, at this stage, the team should work together for writing/creating all sorts of necessary papers, documents of its activities.
  3. Accomplishing programs/Projects like managing funding, producing product/ services, targeting customers:  Initially every startup needs to seek for managing funding for it. It needs to design and producing its product/service. Then it requires selling the product and seeking for customers. All these activities are needed to be done more actively with a team and a single person can do this alone.         

What a startup team leader needs to do?

A startup’s forerunner should always be proactive and must understand the people working with him, must have motivation power to activate the team. Otherwise, all sorts of its initial could be done by him alone. Here are some points that a startup team leader should do:

  1. Unraveling every team member’s role.
  2. Interrelating the members roles and recognition.
  3. Help to coordinate team members shared responsibilities.   
  4. Helping to build a sense of team bonding.
  5.  Accommodating the members’ new ideas.
  6. Taking feedback from the members.     

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  1. Wow, wonderful ideas:0 could not wait to start practicing:) however, would you like to add something related to money in another post? I mean how can one activate team work when there is even shortage of money, you can use example of Volunteerism. Good work boss:)

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