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Startup hiring: how to hire great people

Startup hiring: how to hire great people

Hiring is, undoubtedly, a challenging job. If you are a start-up then it can take you extra miles. At a time, hiring, not only good people but great people, is key to start-up success. In Dhaka hiring is quite challenging as you have too many or too less candidates – especially hiring right candidates is a true challenge. As a start-up you must have a well thought plan on how can you hire great people. We are here to help you to make your hiring job smoother. Pick any of following tips or all to pick and choose your right person from the crowd.

1. Spread the word: Keeping a good pool of candidates to select from can give you an extra edge at your hiring process. Make some noise on your hiring. You can use several social media platforms along with paid advertising. Be creative as much as possible. Here are some specific tips you can use:

LinkdIn: This professional networking site can come to your great use. Choose people with the type of skills you want and connect with them and ask them. Post in groups that match your skills requirements.

Facebook (Event+ status by powerful sneezer)

Popular blogging sites

Online Job sites

2. Say hello to your personal network: The best people you can get is from your personal network. Let people around you know that you are hiring. It’s your responsibility to communicate effectively to make your message clear that, what kind of people you want, what skills are prerequisites for your jobs etc.

3. Start it early. Everything takes time: Most of the time start-ups underestimate the work of hiring. It often gets less light at the face of client service, managing daily activities, decorating offices and so on. However, at the end when real time comes to hire you run your ass off. Hiring is a long process. So, when you want to hire some great people: start early, so that, you can get enough time to get the work done carefully. Remember, it's age what makes great wine!

4. Develop a hiring process/system: Developing a structured recruitment system is a good practice. The best part of developing a system is that, you can gradually evolve it. Concurrently, having a structured system make it possible to give all candidates a level playing field when it also make the process less gruesome. To develop your system you can take help from someone you know working at any HR firm or any potential reference.

5. Hire character: We have problem of choosing money over soul, substance over character and CV over skills. Don’t make popular mistakes. Hire people with passion for the work you are doing. Ask right questions in interview to get the things out. Keep a list of question in your interview on past events of candidates, specially on past problems and the way they solved them.

6. Give Home assignment: Great companies keep this step in their hiring process. They develop a specific problem for the person they are going to hire and give a home assignment to solve the problem. This will let you know how efficient and effective the person is and how well he/she can work independently.

7. Hire proven talent: Offer job to a proven talent you know. You need a marketing office: ask some great marketing people you know to join you, even if s/he works at any other prestigious company.

8. Sell your start-up: There are so many options for smart people to take. So, if you want to hire really great people you must not forget to selling your start-up. Tell her, how passionate you are about your company, how potential your market is, and how great it would be if she join you.

Over to you:
Tell us if you have any creative idea for start-up hiring in comment below♥

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  1. It was a great idea. A helpful guide to have an effective and productive future employee for your business. Startup hiring is a great challenging to find the best people for the success of your startup.

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