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Imperative of Youth Social Entrepreneurship in Bangladesh

May 9, 2012

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Ruhul Kader
9 years ago

Well, the reading is fascinating but what is unfortunate is that everybody out there is talking about this very same thing:  "Since Bangladesh has a significant amount of youths- these youths are
required to train and groom to develop their potentials, personalities,
functional capabilities and should be persuaded of their importance as
they can more engage in social entrepreneurial initiatives. Much more
attention should be given towards their leadership, entrepreneurial
skill development activities as they can think positively and do
positively for their society and the country. Otherwise the youth, the
big reservoir of power, could be remained underutilized which, rather
may create negative impact in the society.", don't you think we should create something that can help youth to develop above mentioned skills instead of talking about it like everybody else?

Ashiqur Rab
Ashiqur Rab
Reply to  Ruhul Kader
9 years ago

You asked me whether I don't think we should create something that can help youth to
develop above mentioned skills instead of talking about it like
everybody else. Absolutely, I have mentioned that "social ventures either can be built by any adult social
entrepreneur for facilitating youth, or by any youth who thinks for
making impact. We prefer such initiatives of social ventures should come
out from the young people because youths are agent of change. They are
world’s future. One day they will lead the world. So their decisions,
activities, thoughts should come in to effect to leaving a better world
for future generations". It means youth should be both facilitated to be skilled and empowered to do anything positive they want. But, this atmosphere is not poised here. Such imperative might be known by all. But, if you send any message to the target people, if can persuade properly, it will inspire them do against all odds. I think youth should know this phenomenon very firstly. If they can realize so It will be my pleasure of writing this article....      

Shehzad Aman
Shehzad Aman
8 years ago

I have been hearing the words like 'Youth will change everything" for many years and got bored! Basically, it is said by those people who haven't done anything in their youth regarding the so called change, neither they feel the necessity to help the youth who take the effort to initiate change...!

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