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Sharing double the joy: tell us "Your Story of initiative"

Stories are powerful to convince, to communicate, to spread ideas and to inspire people to act. Some people are always on go to make impact. They are people of work. We need their stories for two reasons: 1. to introduce and promote them and 2.  to inspire ourselves to be extraordinary.
Sharing double the joy: tell us "Your Story of initiative"

What the event is:

For the first time we are collecting Stories from Entrepreneurs and Change-Makers who take initiative, bring changes, and trust their gut to make things happen. Go to the link above and fill the form up to submit your story.

Our objectives are simple: 1. to promote extraordinary (anything with measurable positive impact) ideas and people 2. to inspire people to take initiative 3. and to share experience and lessons.

We believe that, anything with a measurable positive impact is extraordinary. We also believe, sharing is the only way of creating and spreading greatness.

Why we care:

At Future StartUp we are on a mission to inspire and equip people to make impact by taking initiative.

We want to share your initiative because: we care about one thing, and one thing only. We want you to wake up motivated and fall asleep fulfilled because you’re fearlessly giving your gifts to the world. We don't care whether it's for profit or not for profit; we don’t care how small, tiny or how big or giant it is, we only care that you have started something that itself is extraordinary. As we believe "shipping" is an extraordinary journey.

We want to recognize entrepreneurs and change makers because they have started living their passion, and making impacts. We want to facilitate you to achieve your goal because we believe you are on a mission to make change happen for greater good. On the way ahead by publishing your story we hope to motivate people with ideas to start living their life too by putting your example on table.

Why should you care?

To be successful, any organization/initiative needs words of mouth and publicity. A favorable promotion can do a lot for you. If you are a start-up it can bring new investors at your doorstep, bring you more customers, and if you are nonprofit it can give you more traction.

At the same time, sharing double the joy, make ideas happen, and make success affordable. Share your story with us and let the world know how you are making impact, let the world know your mission on the way to change making. Let us to light the lamp of greatness and to bring positive changes by inspiring collective initiative for greater good of our society.

How to submit?

Are you ready to share your story?
Let tell us your story of taking initiative, your learning and lessons or whatever you think we can learn from. Go to this link.

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