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10 Tips for Starting Up Social Enterprise

Dec 1, 2011

Now-a-days many a young enthusiastic boys & girls are becoming more interested in social entrepreneurship and you might one of them who want to change the world or at best reconstruct your society through serving surroundings. And actually you can! Just you need proper assumption of your activity and foresightedness. Otherwise, you might start an initiative with full enthusiasm but walking a few days with such initiatives you may have to wrap up your dreams.

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2 comments on “10 Tips for Starting Up Social Enterprise”

  1. well writing but i think you have missed the most important point that is sacrificing mentality of an entrepreneur. i think this is the first tips for an entrepreneur to start a social business.

    1. Thank you Mr. Sakib Shahriar for reading and commenting...Absolutely, for being an social entrepreneur one needs to have sacrificing mentality. Here, in this write up I have tried to sum up some tips for them who have already get prepared for social enterprise and all these tips consist professional, some fundamental inspirational tips were omitted.....

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