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A podcast reimagining the future of the people, planet, and prosperity.
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Welcome to Our Common Future (OCF), a podcast that aims to dive critically into the issues of our contemporary world in hopes to use the nuanced understanding to reimagine the future of the people, planet, and prosperity. 

We speak about both major global events to tiny backyard matters while sitting down with some of the most prominent thinkers, leaders, and doers of our time to understand the realities of the world and demystify hidden models or second-order consequences of major events to take a peek into our collective future. 

Our goal in each episode is to open up an opportunity to look into issues critically and make you think for yourself, challenge the existing narratives, and inspire your intellectual curiosity to reimagine a better and brave tomorrow.


The COVID-19 pandemic, a crisis of biblical proportions with far reaching consequences for human society, has laid bare the fragilities and fault lines in our economic and political systems. We must not waste this crisis and bounce back to ‘business as usual’.
The COVID-19 pandemic is exemplary of how unforeseen circumstances can wreak havoc to humans, societies, economic, political, and environmental systems. The fragilities and fault lines it has laid bare allow us to view the importance of ensuring we are resilient on a multidisciplinary level to leverage this crisis to fix our systems to bounce forward.

To make that happen, we need bold thinking and courageous conversations to understand the realities of our world today and shape the public narrative to aspire for a better tomorrow. As we begin our conversation with the timely topic of the COVID pandemic, we will slowly diverge our talks on broader issues and subjects. At OCF Conversation, our ambition is to develop a deeper understanding of how the world works and help you make sense of the complexities of the world and the consequences of major events and collective actions.

Season One

The first season of Our  Common Future Podcast will focus on ‘Resilioscene: Moving towards a resilient future’. Throughout the next few months, we will host a series of episodes featuring thinkers, makers, and leaders from across disciplines to have a multidisciplinary understanding of our world today as we endure once in a hundred-year global pandemic. 

The ambition with the first season is to develop a generalist thesis of our reality and help you develop a broad sense of the structural issues and challenges of our time. The season aims to set the stage for our future discussions, where we will explore the nuances of these topics.

Our Team

Shamir Shehab
Host and Co-producer
Shamir Shehab is a jack of all trades with too many tabs open in his brain. He is a public policy analyst and aspires to be a social and environmental justice advocate. Shamir is a university lecturer and a managing partner in an international development consulting firm but he finds his ‘Ikigai’ in working for youth environmental stewardship development through BYEI (Bangladesh Youth Environmental Initiative) that he founded more than a decade ago.

Shamir holds an MPA with a specialisation in environmental policy from Cornell University. He read politics and international affairs as a Yenching Scholar at Peking University and leadership at Cambridge University. Shamir’s varied interests range from the environment to politics to foreign policy to activism.

During the pandemic, Shamir's newfound passion is gardening, cooking/baking (and now podcasting!) when he is too bored with world affairs. A masala teaholic and once an avid cricketing fan, Shamir now rather enjoys staying fit through running and swimming, and when time allows, he reads non-fiction  and meditates for the ‘inner journey’ of life.
Ruhul Kader
Editor and Co-producer
Ruhul Kader is the Co-founder, Editor, and Chief Doer at Future Startup, a fast-growing digital media and information service company covering business, entrepreneurship, technology, and society in Bangladesh. He looks after the editorial strategy, business development, and growth.

Prior to FS, he was the Co-founder and Business Development Manager at Good & Green, an eco-ethical brand of New Vision Bangladesh Limited.

He is a voracious reader and a published author. His first book ‘Rethinking Failure: A short guide to living an entrepreneurial life’ was published in 2015. Ruhul writes about business with a concentration on strategy, technology, and society.

Amir Hamza
Assistant producer
Amir Hamza Xihad studied  engineering but later became passionate about educational development of children and youth. He was a Teach for Bangladesh fellow and worked with various organisations including Save the Children, Action Aid, Pathao, Jaago Foundation, Children Film Society and others.

He is the founder of the MakeATeam which develops interactive games and simulation, and runs experiential learning programs. His interest varies from interactive content creation to training design and facilitation to team building activity-based game making to curriculum design.
Alip Roy
Audio Expert
Alip Roy a visual storyteller with strong passion and motivation to portray the everyday life and the conviction for the living of the climate-vulnerable populations in Bangladesh. He started his storytelling journey in early 2013 with Italian and French filmmakers, while studying Graphic Design and Multimedia in Dhaka. He also worked as a co-producer.  He started telling his own story in 2017. His work is usually based on real-life stories. In 2018, he completed another film in India. Alip is passionate about highlighting the environmental crisis and possible solutions through digital storytelling.
Ayushi Khan
Research Assistant
Ayushi Khan is working on the podcast as a Research Assistant. She is currently a researcher and student in North South University finishing up her Bachelors degree in Environmental Science. Since environmental sustainability is her academic focus, she brings it to the forefront in the podcast to explore how the "Resilioscene" can be made ecologically robust. Besides these academic endeavors, she is an avid enjoyer of art and animation.

Nazifa Tasnia
Research Assistant
Nazifa Tasnia is working on the podcast as a Research Assistant. She is currently doing her BSS in Economics from Bangladesh University of Professionals. Her favourite subject is Development Economics and she hopes to contribute to the development of a resilient future for the world, and is working toward that effort in the podcast. She is also a bigtime bookworm, movie maniac and a daydreamer.
Troyee Mutsuddy
Research Assistant
Troyee Mutsuddy works on the OCF podcast as a Research Assistant. She has completed her Bachelor's degree in Public Administration from University of Dhaka and has research experience working in organizations like ICDDR,B and the World Bank. She wishes to expand her knowledge in socio-economic and cultural factors that affect the development and well-being of our society. She also pursues digital art as a hobby and enjoys watching TV shows and animations.

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