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Rokomari was launched in 2012 with a small team, about 10,000 books, and a handful of publishers on its platform. Over the past 8 years, the company has grown into one of the dominant players in online commerce — particularly in books, introduced a long list of interesting features, and practically changed book culture in […]
Repetition is necessary when you are learning important things. In my opinion, we rarely learn new things. Merely recall and reinforce the old ones. Strange it may sound, we are quite dumb at remembering important lessons. That’s why we repeat mistakes and screw up opportunities. To that end, our important lessons must be reinforced from […]
Pulse Tech Ltd. has raised $1,20,000 in a pre-seed investment to develop a new Digital Healthcare Ecosystem to progress the global and local healthcare technology, per a press release. In the era of this uprising Digital Healthcare in Bangladesh, Pulse Tech Ltd. uplifted the investment to bring metamorphosis into the local health care system.  According […]
Shikho, the Dhaka-based EdTech startup has confirmed it has acquired Bohubrihi, one of the leading online professional course platforms in the country, per a press release. The move signals an acceleration of Shikho’s broader vision to provide quality education and instruction for learners of all ages in Bangladesh. Shikho, who already provided students with affordable […]
SMEVai, the cloud-based “business back-office” services platform has announced that it has raised an undisclosed sum of cash and in-kind tech investment in the pre-seed stage. Renowned angels M Asif Rahman of ARCom & WPDeveloper and Nazmul Hasan Rupok of WPDeveloper participated in this round. Along with cash investments, SMEVai receives a full-fledged tech development […]
By Jumana Abu-Khalaf, Edith Cowan University and Paul Haskell-Dowland, Edith Cowan University Artificial intelligence (AI) is already making decisions in the fields of business, health care and manufacturing. But AI algorithms generally still get help from people applying checks and making the final call. What would happen if AI systems had to make independent decisions, […]
Progoti Systems announced that it has obtained the Bangladesh Bank license to work as a payment service provider (PSP) as per the Bangladesh Payment and Settlement Systems Regulations 2014. The company said it will launch a digital payment service in the near future. The product named NoboPay is currently in beta and the company did […]
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