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Future Startup Weekly: The largest entrepreneurship and tech-focused newsletter in Bangladesh

  • Advertise your products and services to Future Startup email newsletter subscribers
  • An ad on our weekly newsletter delivered to 18,000+ email subscribers.
  • Average open rate: 20%
  • 80-150 estimated clicks (per week/per newsletter)
  • Product Details: One banner of W:700 x H:150 size along with a short text ad of 60 words.
  • One ad per week/per newsletter. 04 ads in 4 newsletters in a month.
  • Weekly available slots 02. One featured and one associate.
Packages Price 
Weekly/01 newsletter adsBDT 10,000
Monthly/04 newsletters/ adsBDT 30,000
Dedicated promotional newsletter/per newsletterBDT 25,000


Email: [email protected] | Mobile: +8801814379595


The price and quantity of ads sold may change at any time. Prices and quantity automatically adjust with demand:

  • After each ad is sold, the price increases for rest of the available slots
  • If a category's available slots do not sell for at least two days, the price will reduce daily until one sells.
  • If a category is usually sold out, its total number of ad slots will occasionally be increased.
  • Future Startup reserves the rights to how many ads it may run in a newsletter

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