Future Startup’s purpose is to enable people to take initiative. Our Website, Community Event, Support Center help people to take initiative and make ideas happen. At FS, our aim is to build an eco-system and provide support, system, services to promote and facilitate the idea of taking initiative, as we believe that’s how we solve critical problems and make progress.


We envision building a post 21st-century company that will work at the intersection of media, community, and public intelligence.


Future Startup [www.futurestartup.com] is a mission-driven media outlet covering business, technology, and society in Bangladesh. We publish original and deeply-reported insight, analysis, and inspiration that you won’t find elsewhere.


  • Has been featured in the Daily Star for twice, see here and here as a leading media for startups and entrepreneurs.
  • Go to site for startups, entrepreneurs, and investors in Bangladesh
  • Country’s first and fastest growing media startup for makers, entrepreneurs and for doers with a 40-60% month over month growth.
  • 50-60% readers are under 40 [Google analytics]
  • 60-70% readers are interested in building business, technology, entrepreneurship [Google analytics] Inspiring Entrepreneurship for youth employment, economic growth, and sustainable development.


FSindex, a social enterprise supported by EMK Center, is the first complete platform to discover Bangladeshi startups, entrepreneurs, and investors. Strategically developed by Future Startup, FSindex aims to be the home for information and data about Bangladeshi startups, entrepreneurs and investors.

The platform is open and collaborative and it will remain so. You can add your own startup or a startup you know. You can also add your own profile or add or add a profile of an entrepreneur and investor you know.

FS Talk

‘FS Talk’ is a small, friendly gathering aimed at the “start and make something happen” crowd. Once in every two months, we welcome some of the people who have experience of starting-up following their ideas and have suffered and enjoyed their journey; and people who have pain in heart to make changes happen and have a desire to strive for good and we invite great entrepreneurial minds, thinkers and makers of ideas of our time as speakers to share their inspiring and insightful stories that inspire the idea of starting up and making things happen for good.

We are curious to know what it takes to start, continue and win. We want to understand the indomitable force that inspires people to take initiative and equips them to make it happen.

The goal of “FS talk” is to start a conversation centering the idea of taking initiative-the most courageous act of all- and to create a community to share ideas, information and knowledge to make it happen. We want to share inspiring and courageous stories of starting-up to shift our focus from the point of inhibition to possibilities.

Founders’ Circle

‘Founders’ Circle’ is a small, friendly gathering of Founders. This is an invite only community of founders. We only invite people who are either building a startup or have experience of building one before. Every episode features a speaker and covers a topic critical to building a startup.

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