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Truck Lagbe, the Dhaka-based digital trucking startup that connects people and corporate customers with truck owners and drivers through an app and a website, has raised $4 million in Series A funding round led by InternationalFinance Corporation, an investment arm of World Bank Group, and co-led by IDLC Venture Capital Fund I. Other participants in […]
To date, 37+ Bangladeshi startups raised more than $120Mn in disclosed investments. Many startups raised seed and pre-seed money that has not been disclosed. The increase is significant compared to previous years. In 2020, the total funding was around $40Mn. We still have a quarter to go, so it is logical to anticipate that the […]
LISTEN HERE: ANCHOR | SPOTIFY In this episode of the OCF Conversation, Shamir Shehab speaks with Kate Raworth about economic and planetary challenges and possible paths forward. Kate Raworth is a renegade economist focused on making economics fit for 21st century realities. She is the creator of the Doughnut of social and planetary boundaries, and co-founder of Doughnut […]
Inside Chaldal’s Sprawling Pet Food and Products Delivery Business  In 2014, buying pet food online was not a thing in Dhaka. Then Chaldal appeared on the scene. The newly launched grocery startup, launched a year ago in 2013, saw there was a need for convenience service for pet owners who love their pets dearly but […]
In nature, things that stop growing, die. That’s true for startups as well. Startups are all about growth. As YC founder Paul Graham puts it: startup = growth. Companies that stop growing eventually die. Growth, however, is not easy. It takes hard work and focus to achieve consistent growth.  In this collection of lessons from […]
Chaldal, a Dhaka-based grocery delivery platform, has raised $10 million in a Series C funding round. The round was led by Taavet Hinrikus (co-founder of Wise), Sten Tamkivi (CPO of Topia), and Xploration Capital, with the participation from Mir Group. Bangladesh is one of the most densely populated countries with over 163 million people – […]
Founder Stories: Reyasat Chowdhury, Co-founder, Shuttle A few weeks ago, we had an opportunity to speak with Reyasat Chowdhury, the always excellent Co-founder and CEO of Shuttle.  The conversation is intellectually empowering in its entirety and we talk about the ecology of mass transportation, how mass transportation works, the B2B transportation market in Bangladesh, Shuttle’s […]
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