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Seth Goldman and Barry Nalebuff are two entrepreneurs who co-founded Honest Tea, a company that produces organic bottled tea and other beverages. The company was founded in 1998, with a mission to create healthy, organic beverages that taste great and promote sustainability. Goldman and Nalebuff first met at the Yale School of Management. They shared […]
Shikho, a leading education technology startup from Bangladesh, announced that it has raised $900,000 in new investment from three new and one existing investor in a strategic funding round. The company writes in a press release that the new round will help it on its mission to democratize access to high-quality education in Bangladesh and […]
Geoffrey A. Moore published the first edition of Crossing the Chasm: Marketing and Selling High-Tech Products to Mainstream Customers in 1991, almost 32 years back. The book became an instant best-seller and a must-read for any and every marketer dealing with technology products.
Raising investment is a key step in the process of starting and growing a business. It involves obtaining funding from external sources, such as investors in order to finance the business’s operations and expansion. It is important for businesses to carefully consider the pros and cons of different funding options and choose the one that […]
Hello there, welcome to another edition of FS Weekly.  We have made several changes in this edition and plan to introduce more changes in the coming weeks.  One change is in the format. Instead of the segmented and elaborate formatting, we tried in the last couple of issues, we have decided to opt for a […]
One common challenge successful companies suffer from is the threat of cannibalization. It is one of the outcomes of the innovator’s dilemma.  Innovator’s dilemma happens when a good business overlooks apparent smaller but potentially disruptive opportunities in favor of its existing high-margin business.  This can happen in two ways.  One, it can happen because the […]
Iterative, the Singapore-based accelerator program, has picked two Bangladeshi startups for its latest cohort Winter 2023. The selected companies are full-stack supply chain automation startup Nuport and B2B marketplace for neighborhood merchants PriyoShop. With the latest two startups, Iterative has now backed six Bangladeshi startups. Previously, Iterative backed four Bangladeshi startups including travel-tech startup GoZayaan, EWA […]
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