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Five Founders On Their Entrepreneurial Journey, Building Business in Challenging Markets, and Finding Early Growth Levers

Our new founder stories interview collection features fascinating conversations with Irfan Rafique of SupplyLine, Aminul Islam of AyyKori, Fahim Salam of Nuport, Shabab Shahriar Khan and Muhammad Saeedul Alam of Biniyog, Abdul Gaffar Sadi of Drutoloan.

1. Building at The Intersection of B2B Supply Chain and Fintech in Bangladesh with Irfan Rafique, Founder and CEO, SupplyLine

Irfan Rafique is the Founder and CEO of SupplyLine, a tech startup operating in Bangladesh's $174 billion consumer goods supply chain market. Before starting SupplyLine, he worked at Unilever Bangladesh and omnichannel ecommerce startup Deligram.

In this insightful conversation, we explore SupplyLine's origin, its innovative approach to streamlining retail distribution, SupplyLine's asset-light model, its invoice financing solutions, Irfan's lessons from building a startup in an enormous but underserved market, and a lot more. 

2. Building a Cashback and Affiliate Marketplace with Aminul Islam, Founder and CEO, AyyKori Digital Ltd

Aminul Islam is the founder and CEO of AyyKori Digital, a fast-growing Dhaka-based cashback and affiliate marketplace. In this fascinating conversation with Aminul, we talk about the origin of AyyKori, the challenges it faced in the early days, the current state of the business and plans, and AyyKori’s growth strategy and organizational structure, we discuss the lessons he has learned from his journey so far, mistakes founders should avoid, his favorite books and much more. 

3. The Making Of Nuport, Supply Chain Automation, Productivity, And Entrepreneurship Lessons with Fahim Salam

Fahim Salam is the founder and CEO of Nuport, a Dhaka-based full-stack supply chain automation company. Nuport enables manufacturers, distributors, and eCommerce companies to automate their supply chain operations. 

In this fascinating conversion, learn about the origin and evolution of Nuport, how Nuport works, the major challenges in supply chain management, and how Nuport addresses them. We also discussed the culture at Nuport, Nuport’s current business, its ambitions going forward, Nuport’s goal to build an ecosystem of supply chain services, Fahim's approach to work and productivity, lessons from his journey so far, and much more.

4. Building a Halal Investment Platform and The Inevitable Ebbs and Flows of the Founder Journey with Shabab Shahriar Khan and Muhammad Saeedul Alam

Shabab Shahriar Khan and Muhammad Saeedul Alam founded biniyog.io, a Dhaka-based halal investment platform connecting regular people to profitable businesses.

We talked about how they met and came up with the idea of biniyog.io and got started, their motivation behind starting the company, what biniyog.io does, its business model, challenges, and ambition going forward. We discuss how biniyog.io ensures investment safety, and how it assesses companies and policy status in the space in which it operates. We reflect on the challenges founders face and their lessons in venture building. 

5. Founder at Work: Abdul Gaffar Sadi, Co-founder, and CEO, Drutoloan

Abdul Gaffar Sadi is the Co-founder and CEO of Drutoloan, a Dhaka-based fintech startup that looks to simplify SME financing in Bangladesh and beyond. 

In this excellent conversation, we talk about everything Drutoloan, SME financing and fintech, and entrepreneurship. We cover Sadi’s journey and the origin of Drutoloan, optimism, and entrepreneurship, growing Drutoloan in the early days, the current state and evolution of Drutoloan, the evolution of its business model, operations and distribution strategy of Drutoloan, the challenges, and priorities for Drutoloan, the market and the market dynamics for SME focused fintech startups, the ambition of Drutoloan, his lessons from his journey so far, the ups and downs of a founder’s journey, and much more.

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