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EdTech Startup Interactive Cares Unveils New Website With Enhanced Capabilities and Exciting AI Features

Interactive Cares, a Dhaka-based edtech startup with a focus on employability, has recently launched a revamped version of its website, featuring exciting new AI capabilities, an enhanced learner and partner experience, and new technology aimed at improving outcomes for both learners and corporate partners.

While most website relaunches are boring, making only superficial changes, Interactive Cares’ new website goes past simple optic changes. It has introduced fascinating new features and capabilities that go beyond mere cosmetic alterations. 

The timing of this revamp is also significant for the company. In the past year, it raised substantial capital and experienced excellent growth in both business and brand recognition within Dhaka's edtech space. Additionally, it recently graduated from Accelerating Asia, a Singapore-based accelerator VC. The new technical upgrade signals the company is gearing up for its next phase of growth.

"We have built the website using completely new technologies and introduced a variety of exciting AI tools," explains Rare Al Samir, Founder and CEO of Interactive Cares. "The goal is to progressively improve the experiences of our students and corporate partners."

EdTech Startup Interactive Cares Unveils New Website With Enhanced Capabilities and Exciting AI Features
A snapshot of Interactive Cares' courses page

Beyond cosmetic change

The new website comes with an original and sleek UI/UX, providing a refreshing overall look. The design is spacious and unhurried, offering a sense of calm that may tempt you to linger on the home page, clicking through each button to discover what lies behind.

Beneath the surface, the company has incorporated a series of consequential features. A new dedicated dashboard feature caters to five distinct user types—students, job seekers, recruiters, instructors, and affiliate partners—providing essential information and in-depth insights tailored to each segment, detailing their usage and performance on the platform.

A new bookmark video feature enables users to resume watching from where they left off. Users can now attempt quizzes and submit assignments directly on the website, introducing capabilities that reduce Interactive Cares' reliance on third-party tools such as Google Classroom.

EdTech Startup Interactive Cares Unveils New Website With Enhanced Capabilities and Exciting AI Features 1
A snapshot of Interactive Cares' chatbot | Photo by Interactive Cares

In many ways, the website overhaul represents a major technical leap for Interactive Cares, combining excellent web development and fascinating new features with a suite of artificial intelligence tools aimed at enhancing the learning experience for students and the overall experience for its partners. Some notable AI features include: 

  • Personalized AI Learning Assistant: An AI learning assistant enables students to receive instant support, providing personalized learning experience and real-time guidance on course content. Rare Al Samir explains, “When students take a course on Interactive Cares, they attend live classes, learn from teachers, and benefit from support classes by dedicated instructors. We have now launched an AI learning assistant through which students can seek instant support, offering a personalized learning experience. Moreover, our learning assistant can provide meaningful career and learning guidance, helping students understand what they should learn and how to approach a course.” 
  • Job-Tailored CV Creation: A common challenge faced by many job seekers in Bangladesh is creating well-crafted CVs. Interactive Cares' new website features an AI-powered CV generator that can produce standard job-specific CVs and cover letters within minutes. Additionally, users have access to a variety of free CV templates to choose from.
  • AI Interviewer and CV Sorter: Interactive Cares has also been working on a number of AI features set to be launched in the next few months. A forthcoming Interactive Cares AI interviewer aims to streamline the hiring process by conducting initial interviews and screening candidates. Additionally, an AI-powered CV sorter helps quickly narrow down the top CVs based on predefined parameters.
EdTech Startup Interactive Cares Unveils New Website With Enhanced Capabilities and Exciting AI Features 2
Snapshot of Interactive Cares resume builder | Photo by Interactive Cares

A user-first design philosophy 

Built with React for the frontend and Django for the backend, the new platform boasts enhanced speed and scalability by leveraging AWS. 

The development team has meticulously optimized the platform to accommodate millions of users simultaneously, ensuring a seamless experience.

The company asserts that every design decision was made with the sole goal of improving and enhancing the learner’s experience by providing a more user-friendly platform.

Interactive Cares has, over the years, earned a reputation for being a customer-obsessed company. It applied the same user-centric mindset in building the new platform. Throughout the entire design process, it listened to its users, addressing limitations of the previous website and incorporating features based on user feedback.


Interactive Cares was founded in 2020 by Rare Al Samir and Jamila Bupasha Khusbu. It offers specialized and practical courses aimed at enhancing the employability of young individuals in Bangladesh and beyond. 

The ever-widening gap between academia and industry often results in students graduating with skills with poor market demand, necessitating the need to acquire new skills. 

This challenge also applies to professionals who must constantly upgrade themselves to operate successfully in a constantly changing market. This trend has given rise to continuous learning as one of the major verticals in education across various markets.

Interactive Cares aims to address these challenges by offering high-quality courses on the most sought-after skills, taught by experienced teachers with comprehensive teaching materials. The courses come with extensive learning support, career preparation guidance, industry exposure, and job placement opportunities, all at an affordable cost.

Currently, with a team of 50 people, Interactive Cares offers over 115 courses and serves more than 100,000 paid students and 200,000 registered users. The company has so far raised some $500,000 in investments from notable investors such as Accelerating Asia, Flagship Ventures, SuperCharger Ventures, and others. 

As the company continues to evolve, its new website serves as a demonstration of its dedication to shaping the future of education and recruitment in Bangladesh and beyond.

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