Bohubrihi, Skills and Professional Development-focused Online Learning Platform, Launches All-Access Subscription

Bohubrihi, the popular online learning platform focused on skills and professional development in Bangladesh, recently announced a new subscription service, making it easier for learners to access an extensive range of courses on its platform. 

Starting immediately, students will be able to access the entirety of the Bohubrihi content library with just one subscription, featuring more than 50 courses tailored to meet the needs of today's and tomorrow's job markets. 

The company says it currently has three subscription tiers: six months, one year, and two years. With each subscription, students not only get access to Bohubrihi’s existing courses library, but they also get access to all upcoming content additions. 

However, the option to purchase individual courses remains open. Those who want to enroll separately in different courses and career tracks can still do so, the company adds. 

If you're already a Bohubrihi student, nothing is changing – except for the added convenience of a subscription service that you can take with a single payment. New users can dive right in with a single payment and access all the courses on Bohubrihi. 

The pricing is designed to be budget-friendly. For just BDT 12,000, subscribers get six months of access to all Foundation courses and Career Tracks. 

A one-year Subscription plan for BDT 18,000 (originally BDT 24,000) provides, along with all the courses, an additional six personal live sessions with experts to discuss projects and assignments, get advice on CV and portfolio, receive guidance, and even seek encouragement. 

A two-year Subscription plan is available for BDT 24,000, offering access to both current and future content, along with a substantial 16 personal live sessions.

Bohubrihi says it exists to support its students, and this extends to providing personalized discounts on each subscription plan. If you've purchased individual courses from Bohubrihi in the past, you'll be notified of exclusive offers to ensure a smooth transition to a subscription plan. 

Founded about six years ago, Bohubrihi always wanted to bring high-quality education to the people of Bangladesh to prepare them for industries across the country and around the globe. 

Over this time, the platform has flourished, creating a powerful library of courses, partnering with the nation's top instructors, and collaborating with leading companies that hire its students and contribute to its courses. 

Bohubrihi’s content library comprises over 40 paid Foundation courses and 5 Career Tracks. Specialized Career Tracks can be completed in 4-6 months and prepare individuals for specific fields. 

Foundation courses help students build a strong foundation in various fields including software development, data science, engineering, business, marketing, personal and career growth, productivity, and even exam preparation for GRE and IELTS.

Bohubrihi has helped change the way Bangladeshi learners access education. The launch of the subscription represents the next exciting step in Bohubrihi's mission to empower learners.

For more information on Bohubrihi and its newly launched subscription, please visit the Bohubrihi website.

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