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Matritto Launches Affordable, Non-judgmental Counseling Services for Women and Mothers

Matritto Mental Health Counseling, a new mental health counseling online service designed specifically for mothers, announced its launch recently. The service offers affordable, non-judgmental, and confidential online counseling sessions to help women and mothers cope with the challenges of motherhood and improve their mental well-being.

“Mothers are often under immense pressure to be perfect,” said Ishrat Jahan Inu, founder and co-ordinator of Matritto, an online platform that provides content, courses, and services for mothers in Bangladesh. "They are expected to be actively doing all the work, and it can be overwhelming. Our goal is to provide mothers with a safe and supportive space where they can talk about their challenges, get emotional support, and learn coping mechanisms.”

Matritto Mental Health Counseling offers a variety of services to mothers, including:

  • Individual online counseling
  • Couple online counseling
  • Online pregnancy mental health support
  • Online Talks on topics such as stress management, anxiety, and depression

The company says its counseling service has a number of features that are unique:

  • Confidentiality: All client information is kept confidential between the mental health counselor and the client. The company says it doesn't share this information with anyone and don't use the information for any other purpose.
  • Non-judgmental: Mental health counselors don't judge mothers who seek help. They provide accurate advice in the best interests of the client.
  • Affordable: The fee for the first counseling session is 500 taka, and the fee for subsequent sessions is 400 taka. 

The service is available to mothers of all ages and backgrounds, from pregnancy to post-pregnancy.

“I believe that every parent deserves access to mental health care and they must know how to care for mental wellbeing,” said Sulaim Shosti, Counseling Psychologist at Matritto. “Mental well-being can make personal and family life better for parents”

In addition to being affordable and non-judgmental, Matritto Mental Health Counseling also keeps all client information confidential. This is important because many mothers feel ashamed or embarrassed to seek help for their mental health challenges.

“I understand that it can be difficult for mothers to handle even the smallest situations,” Sulaim Shosti said. “That’s why they can take counseling pre-delivery so that they can organize their post-delivery life in a better way.”

Matritto Mental Health Counseling has already seen a lot of success since its launch. Many mothers have reported feeling better after just a few sessions. The company says many patients are already taking back-to-back sessions as the service quality resonates with their expectations.

“It is not always easy for expecting mothers or mothers to go out and seek professional help, but as it is online, it has become very easy for me to take this service,” said one mother. “Matritto Mental Health Counseling has been a lifesaver for me. I would definitely recommend it to all others.”

Mental health is increasingly an important health concern across the board. To that end, Matritto Mental Health Counseling is a timely initiative to address a growing healthcare challenge. You can learn more about the service here.

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