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Rethinking Travel: How GoZayaan is changing the travel industry

Tourism is a booming sector in Bangladesh with international arrivals and departures increasing day by day. 3.02% of the nation’s total GDP was contributed by the tourism sector in 2021, according to the Bangladesh Bureau of Statistics. However, for a sector so full of potential, there is still significant room for improvement throughout the industry. The most prominent of these is “digital tourism”.

The term “Digital Tourism” is a relatively new concept to Bangladesh. Digital tourism uses all the resources of digitalization to transform the way individuals travel as well as the tourism sector as a whole. On the verge of a technological revolution, it is only logical that consumers are shifting towards online solutions for every service.

A frontrunner in digitizing the Bangladeshi tourism scene is GoZayaan. Since the beginning of their journey in 2017, GoZayaan has been in an uphill battle trying to revolutionize the tourism sector of Bangladesh. Today, we discuss the growth of GoZayaan in the perspective of Bangladesh’s economy and changing travel landscape.

Rise of internet use and tourism in Bangladesh

The percentage of adults in Bangladesh who use the internet is 37.01%, according to the Bangladesh Statistics Bureau (BBS). Mobile subscriptions have increased from 86 million in 2016 to 178 million in recent times. While food delivery and ride-sharing services have seen a significant boom, the general public is still wary about making sizable financial transactions online.

While the days in lockdown increased dependency on online services, the entire tourism sector took a severe hit by being nearly shut down for almost a year. This made the path for GoZayaan incredibly challenging.

In a country where only 5% of the population was educated about digital tourism, it became even more difficult to grow at a time when tourism was at a complete halt. But despite all odds, GoZayaan not only survived but thrived.

The path to success

The pandemic was the toughest of hurdles to cross for GoZayaan. However, the company recovered smartly by switching its emphasis from international to domestic during this time and managed to survive. GoZayaan constantly came up with solutions like Go-Safe, travel insurance, etc. to encourage necessary and inbound travel. After adding an inventory of over 700,000 hotels to their website, GoZayaan has even loftier objectives. This change has made it feasible for tourists to schedule their tours with much greater visibility and flexibility than was before achievable on any Bangladeshi platform.

Perhaps the most important of GoZayaan’s innovations has been the platform itself. The interface is user-friendly and easy to use. Every step of the user experience has been closely calculated and constantly adjusted according to the traveler’s convenience.

GoZayaan has established itself as a brand that cares about travelers by constantly integrating real travelers’ feedback into their journey. The GoZayaan app stands as further proof of the statement.

To bring the convenience of travel bookings into the pockets of every traveler, the GoZayaan app was introduced. While booking online is great, the process is even more simplified through an app. The interface of the app is very sleek and does not seem cluttered with unnecessary information. Travelers can book flights, hotels, or tours with just a few taps on their smartphones.

Earlier in 2022, GoZayaan acquired a foreign company in Pakistan. The company made history by being the first online travel platform in Bangladesh to expand business overseas. The technology and communication strategies developed right here in Bangladesh are now being used overseas to spread the dream of GoZayaan around the world.

A digital future

GoZayaan wants to focus on being a brand that is synonymous with travel. The company doesn’t want to merely provide the best deals and discounts, but rather to form an entire digital ecosystem of travel across South Asia.

GoZayaan’s brand campaign launched earlier in 2022, inspires travelers to “Go Limitless”. GoZayaan has kept going limitless ever since by offering choices that make travel accessible for everyone. Travel options are limitless when using GoZayaan, regardless of whether travelers like leisure or adventure, pristine nature or energetic city life, mountains, or the seaside.

GoZayaan has been constantly adapting and innovating to keep up with the dynamic travel scene. Listening to the needs of travelers, the company has come a long way in the past 5 years. With a growing user base every month, we’ll be closely following what happens next for GoZayaan.

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