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ShareTrip introduces domestic travel insurance, ShareTrip’s loyalty and growth play

Travel insurance is a pretty common thing anywhere in the world. When you travel internationally, insurance is mandatory for many destinations. It makes sense. Because travel comes with various uncertainties. Travel insurance can be a smart investment because for a small fee it is a useful hedge against many uncertainties. 

Interestingly, travel insurance is not that common a thing in Bangladesh. For domestic travel, it is hard to find companies that offer travel insurance. However, that has changed recently. ShareTrip, Bangladesh’s leading Online Travel Agency (OTA), has introduced domestic travel insurance for its loyal customers. The product allows domestic travelers to travel within the country worry-free with insurance coverage protection for various health-related emergencies. 

ShareTrip’s domestic travel insurance covers protection against diseases, including Covid-19 and dengue, faced during traveling or at the destination. It also covers accidental hospitalization, including daycare treatment, or even death, making domestic traveling more financially secure. 

Domestic travel customers can enjoy this travel insurance for free till 31st December 2022 from ShareTrip. After 31st December 2022, customers will be able to subscribe to travel insurance for a small fee through the ShareTrip App and the web. The details regarding the insurance and coverage can be found on the ShareTrip website here


Travel, while fun and exciting, also comes with uncertainties and contingencies that can make travelers and their loved ones anxious. ShareTrip’s domestic insurance product aims to address this challenge customers face. It helps make the entire travel experience across all domestic routes a bit more worry-free, protecting travelers from any untoward incidents. 

Explaining the reasoning for the launch of the service, ShareTrip Co-founder and CEO Sadia Haque said, “When we travel, we step out of the warmth of our homes into a world full of excitement. To make the traveling experience safer and worry-free, we’re offering Domestic Travel Insurance across all travel routes within the country. Now, our customers can travel with peace of mind, without the financial burden or anxiety of uncertainties.”

ShareTrip started its journey as one of the earliest players in the online travel agency vertical in Bangladesh. From its early days, the company has been consistent in introducing fascinating products and services for travelers. From flights, hotels, and visas to comprehensive holiday packages, ShareTrip has used continuous innovation to become a complete travel solution platform. 


In the ever-changing world of the technology business, the only durable competitive advantage is your ability to innovate relentlessly. 

The introduction of domestic travel insurance is yet another step on part of ShareTrip to continuously transform itself. 

The apparent insignificant fees for the insurance make it a no-brainer for customers. But it is a huge psychological incentive for them to stick with ShareTrip. The service will ensure a feeling of safety among travelers and their loved ones, while in turn helping ShareTrip build customer loyalty and find new pockets of growth. 

ShareTrip has introduced a series of similar apparently minor but consequential services in the last several months turning the idea of loyalty and moat on its head. 

ShareTrip has always been a company that tries things. In the past, the company introduced ideas like gamification to improve app usage and used diverse partnership strategies to expand and grow. This new move adds to ShareTrip’s strength of the constant moat and consistent growth. 

Cover photo credit: ShareTrip Facebook page.

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