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5 years of going limitless: 5 benefits GoZayaan has brought to the travelers

GoZayaan, the travel tech platform, completes 5 years of its journey today. Given the short amount of time the startup has been operating, it has seen extraordinary success and become a prominent name in the travel scene of Bangladesh. 

The Bangladeshi travel industry has only 5% visibility in the digital space. 5 years ago, there were no online solutions available for travel troubles. Most bookings had to be done through third-party agents which offered no visibility or transparency to the traveler about their bookings before reaching their destination.

Dependency on third-party agents and lack of visibility, limited travelers from enjoying flexibility and control. Things have progressed massively since those days. Today, to celebrate 5 years of GoZayaan, we discuss 5 solutions brought by the company to make travel more convenient. 

I. Flights, Hotels, Tours - all in one place

With GoZayaan one can book domestic and international flights, hotels, and tours online with a holistic end-to-end booking platform. One has the transparency to compare prices and the freedom to choose one’s own journey. It was possible to see images of hotel rooms or know about the amenities each room provided, before even going to the destination, making sure that the traveler would always know exactly what they’re paying for.  With a few clicks, travelers could now decide and choose what they wanted their dream tour to be!

Due to the lack of digitization, there was a handicap in payment methods. One would always have to carry cash instead of simply having a credit/debit card or using MFS services. GoZayaan solved this problem as well by partnering with all the renowned banks and MFS to enable smart travelers to make digital payments. The company soon became a holistic solution for end-to-end automated bookings. 

II. Combating the pandemic with Tech-led Innovations

The 2020 pandemic brought the worldwide 9 trillion dollar tourism industry to a standstill overnight. It was a dark time for tourism as most people were quarantined in their homes with little to no exposure to the outside world. Although GoZayaan only promoted essential travel during this time, the company also brought on new services to ensure safe travel. 

GoZayaan’s endeavors to cope with the new normal began with introducing RT-PCR test bookings for travelers going abroad which they did by partnering up with government-approved labs. The company also partnered up with insurance companies to provide affordable and hassle-free international travel insurance completely online.

These immensely helped simplify the process of essential travels during the pandemic. 

III. Revival of International Travel

As the pandemic slowed down, international travel started picking up again. People across the nation were thrilled to once again cross borders and expand their horizons. Countries famous for tourism lifted travel restrictions and welcomed tourists with open arms. 

To accommodate the influx of international tourists, GoZayaan identified some of the core problems local travelers face while traveling abroad. The company started its 0% EMI and travel loan programs to accommodate travelers on a budget. GoZayaan also onboarded thousands of international hotels to make the booking process as convenient as possible. 

IV. Revolutionizing the Concept of Tours

A few years ago, tours in Bangladesh meant a fixed itinerary purchased from third-party agents. Package tours rarely give people the flexibility to choose their own adventures, resulting in them paying for services they don’t necessarily want. GoZayaan changed the concept of tours by allowing travelers to choose the activities they prefer, ensuring that they would only be paying for experiences they want to explore. 

The smart travelers of today want flexibility and control when it comes to booking their travels. GoZayaan provided exactly that with their completely customizable tours and limitless options available on the website. 

V. Going Limitless

GoZayaan is working relentlessly to bring more services to its platform to cater to travelers. Travelers are explorers who have a dream and GoZayaan wants to transform these dreams into reality by giving them control over their travel plans. Starting from travel loans to EMI facility GoZayaan is bringing limitless options and facilities for travelers to make sure they can fulfill their limitless dreams of exploration while having full control.

With big plans and limitless dreams, GoZayaan has thrived for 5 years and slowly become one of the biggest players in the Bangladeshi tourism scene. In such a short time, the company has achieved not only national but global recognition. However, GoZayaan still remains a completely customer-oriented brand and exists for travelers who are limitless. 

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