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GoZayaan uses relentless innovation and convenience to make travel accessible

Over the last few decades travel has become a universal language. People travel for all kinds of purposes. Some seek escape in the serenity of nature while others travel for the thrill of adventure, yet others marvel at the wonders of the universe to renew themselves. Recent technological innovations have transformed global travel and made it easy for people to meet their various travel needs. 

With the rise of digitization across industries, accessibility and convenience have been the focus of recent innovations in travel. With that in mind, GoZayaan has been a pioneer of digital tourism in Bangladesh.  

With an ambition to make travel accessible to all, GoZayaan has been investing consistently in innovations. Online travel remains in its early days in Bangladesh. People are still learning about the benefits and perks of online travel services. Several estimates suggest online travel has some 5% penetration of the entire travel market in the country. To that end, building awareness about the online travel market remains critical for the digital travel industry in Bangladesh. 

GoZayaan has taken on this role from day one of its journey. While the company has invested in promoting travel, it also has launched several initiatives to educate people on booking online, which many users find unfamiliar, while also investing in activities to build trust in online travel services.

To simplify booking and build trust, GoZayaan has introduced several options for users including speaking with offline customer experience executives and taking their help in booking online travel services. The company has consistently maintained that it wants to empower travelers and provide them freedom of choice and the convenience of planning at their own pace and preference. 

To take the initiative further, the company has introduced multiple value-added services for travelers under a recent brand positioning endeavor titled ‘Go Limitless’, subtly indicating that the company aims to offer limitless benefits to travelers. 

GoZayaan says it aims to be the one-stop solution for travelers and travel enthusiasts. To support the ambition, the company has built an ecosystem of travel services over the years and continues to surprise users with new services and offers.

The GoZayaan benefits 

Digitizing the tourism industry of Bangladesh is an uphill battle due to much of the market being quite distrustful of e-commerce services. GoZayaan has constantly been trying to provide added benefits along with its existing services to build an ecosystem of empowered and educated travelers. 

Starting from integrated RT-PCR tests with flights at the beginning of the pandemic to 0% EMI services, the company has constantly been trying to make travel accessible for everyone. During the lockdown, GoZayaan partnered with government-approved labs to provide covid tests with international flight purchases. Travel insurance is also available with GoZayaan at only 10 BDT so every traveler can have access to healthcare, even while traveling to foreign lands. The insurance includes coverage for COVID-19 as well. 

As the global coronavirus pandemic decelerates and vaccination accelerates travel has once again picked up in full swing. A record number of arrivals are reported in airports across the globe. To accommodate the dreams of travelers on a budget, GoZayaan started its 0% EMI facility for flights, hotels, and tours. The company is currently the only online travel platform in Bangladesh offering 0% EMI for flights. 

Since the EMI service requires the use of a credit card, which has limited penetration in Bangladesh, GoZayaan has introduced a travel loan service for travelers. The travel loan offers similar benefits as the EMI service, however, this is catered toward users who do not use credit cards. 

Innovation and Convenience

Although GoZayaan’s journey started primarily focusing on international tourism, the company had to quickly shift focus to home grounds when the global coronavirus pandemic and subsequent lockdowns throughout the last two years brought about an unprecedented halt to the tourism industry. GoZayaan onboarded local hotels and tour operators to facilitate inbound travelers. 

However, when international travel restrictions started lifting, priorities had to be changed once again. Focusing back on international travel the company started expanding its inventory for flights, hotels, and tours. In their attempt to be the one-stop solution for travel, the company has also been significantly focusing on making international hotel bookings more accessible. This includes bringing a massive amount of international hotels under their website umbrella. 

The 0% EMI service is also helping travelers go limitless as budget is rarely a constraint with the help of this service. Whether you are a student on a budget or a new job holder who hasn’t gotten the time to save up yet, the EMI service is here to help. 

Accessible Technology 

GoZayaan is trying to enter an untapped market with its tech-driven innovations when it comes to the Bangladeshi tourism industry. Being in the learning phase of this technology, a significant amount of effort must be spent on educating the population as well as innovating and developing a technological solution that is easy to use and accessible. 

GoZayaan’s website and app both have an easy-to-use and sleek interface. The website has no outside ads or unnecessary options cluttering the homepage so users can have a smooth browsing experience. The booking process comprises only a few steps and is fairly simple. Even if one chooses to use the EMI facility, the procedure is completely paperless and hassle-free. There is no need to physically go to the bank or fill out lengthy forms. 

With the mission to help travelers Go Limitless, GoZayaan has been on a journey bringing the utmost convenience when it comes to travel. GoZayaan has established itself as a brand that truly cares about travelers with its initiatives to make travel accessible. 

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