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Sheraspace CEO Sarjeena Maodud on strategies that have helped the digital interior design startup find early growth and build a strong foundation

Sarjeena Maodud is the co-founder and CEO of Sheraspace, a digital interior design startup based in Dhaka. Founded in 2019, Sheraspace offers a fascinating range of interior design services, including online interior design consultation, complete end-to-end interior design solutions, and custom furniture design for full interior design projects. The company has recently launched a B2B interior design solution targeting early-stage companies. 

While started as a small operation, Sheraspace has managed to achieve excellent growth within a short time. In a fascinating interview with FS, published in 2021, Ms. Sarjeena shared some of the strategies that have worked for Sheraspace, helped the company find early growth, and build a strong foundation. You can read the full interview here

On being relentless 

Dynamism and agility have played crucial roles in allowing us to navigate the rocky roads of the early days. 

Business is always uncertain; however, the uncertainty of the early days is of a different level, altogether.

On taking a “keep experimenting until something works” mindset

Our test and learn approach to operating came as a huge benefit, as we never shied away from tweaking what wasn’t working. 

It was important however to have the team be aligned with our ultimate vision and understand the changes that were necessary to keep moving towards that direction.

On seeking out a gap in the market 

I am thoroughly inspired by Steve Jobs’ take on an “epiphany experience”. An epiphany experience occurs when a need that the customer never knew existed, becomes fulfilled by a service or a product. Seeking out a gap in the interior industry led us to creating an epiphany experience for consumers through our Online Interior Design Consultation.

On finding the right channels 

Of course, being the first to market is a great advantage. Furthermore, utilization of the right distribution channels is what has helped us in spreading the word about Sheraspace. Upon communicating the service to the right masses, it wasn’t then too difficult for the consumer to realize that this was a need she/he has always had, yet was never consciously aware of!

On delighting the customers 

Our focus is always on providing unparalleled service – not only in terms of the design plans we offer but also in customer service, efficiency, and professionalism. The nuanced details, like addressing clients with appropriate mannerism, to the bigger aspects, like providing them with the right design plan to match their needs – every touchpoint in the consumer journey is thoroughly researched, planned, and constantly improved as we collect feedback from our deliveries.

A major portion of our consultation client base is generated via word of mouth. I believe that goes to show that our obsession with sound customer service seems to be working well for us!

This is an excerpt from our much longer interview with Sheraspace co-founder and CEO Sarjeena Maodud, read the full interview here

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