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Sheraspace launches affordable B2B interior service

Using Sheraspace’s Commercial Design Consultation service, businesses can now avail professional interior design guidance at affordable rates.

There is much more to office interiors than applying a coat of paint to the walls. A well-designed workplace is a key means of reflecting the company’s ethos, identity, and overall culture. It furthermore serves to encourage employees to work to the best of their potential, in the surroundings that empower them to do so. Hence, appropriate alignment between the interior design of a workplace and the company’s culture can not only inspire and motivate employees but also promote the core values of the organization.

However, when starting out, capital constraints are a challenge that start-ups and small businesses face. Hence, when allocating company capital amongst multiple factors - starting from research to legal, technology, and labor expenses, expenditure dedicated to having the office interiors professionally designed may add an expense too hefty for the company’s accounts. 

To that end, digital interior design startup Sheraspace has launched a new service called the Commercial Design Consultation aiming to cater to SMEs and startup companies in need of professional interior services. Similar to their Online Interior Design Consultation, which serves B2C clients in the residence sector, the B2B Commercial Design Consultation addresses three key needs:

  1. Affordability
  2. Short-term delivery
  3. Convenience 

The service can be availed online by the client, whereby Sheraspace will understand the Client’s vision for the space in alignment with their company culture and branding, develop a detailed design plan and deliver it online. The client can then either opt to implement the design plan on their own or avail Sheraspace’s support in executing the space.

With a starting ticket price of 5,000 BDT, the Commercial Design Consultation packages are designed to cater to different space types — Work area, Leisure area, and Utility area — as shown in the screenshot below.

Sheraspace launches affordable B2B interior service
Sheraspace web screenshot

Each Commercial Design Consultation package comes inclusive of a range of features, including:

  • Property visit and site survey by an expert
  • 2D design sketch
  • Design mood-boards
  • Theme and color palette
  • Detailed instructions on how to execute the design
  • Live video presentation and query resolution
  • Consultation guidance book emailed
Sheraspace launches affordable B2B interior service 1
Design mood board for a work area

Launched with a team of four in February 2019, Sheraspace has grown to become a 38 member team today, providing three services:

  1. Online Interior Design Consultation
  2. Commercial Design Consultation
  3. Full end-to-end Interior Design Solutions
Sheraspace launches affordable B2B interior service 2
2D sketch of a work area

Interior design has typically been thought to be a luxury reserved only for the affluent. With Sheraspace’s strategic ambition of democratizing interior design, the service is now available much past the upper classes of the country.

With a combination of affordably priced packages, ease of availing the service, and superior customer satisfaction, Sheraspace’s innovative and disruptive take on interior design has enabled the company to make excellent progress in its journey of making interior design accessible to everyone. Three years since its inception and with commendable growth in this period of time, the company is now looking to recreate the same success it has had in B2C, in the B2B space.

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