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FSW 33: Finding growth and the power of accepting our limitations

AamarPay, Chaldal, GoZayaan, Sheraspace look for new avenues for growth, Roots Edu unbundles edtech, new interview on building lasting brands, the power of accepting our limitations, and finding your center in a distracted world, list of active investors in Dhaka’s startup scene and more. 

AamarPay's PSO license and AamarPay's strategic ambition

Online payment gateway AamarPay, a sister concern of Soft Tech Innovation, announced that it has received a Payment System Operator (PSO) license from Bangladesh Bank under the Bangladesh Payment and Settlement Systems Regulation 2014. The license will allow the company greater customer trust, room for operational and strategic maneuver, and introduce new products and services. It should change the competitive landscape for the company. 

Chaldal gets Bangladesh Bank's permission to offer e-wallet service, vertical integration and Chaldal’s strategic upsides 

Chaldal Payments Limited, a subsidiary of Chaldal Limited, has been granted a no-objection certificate by the Bangladesh Bank to launch an e-wallet under the PSP license. This permission will allow Chaldal to facilitate payments or payment processes directly to the customers and settle their transactions through a scheduled bank or financial institution. Chaldal has been working on a payment product called ChaldalPay. 

On building lasting brands, the power of accepting our limitations, and finding your center in a distracted world with Jane Alam Romel

Jane Alam Romel is the Group Chief Marketing Officer of IDLC Finance Limited, Bangladesh’s largest NBFI. Mr. Romel is a voracious reader of both books and reality, and one of the finest thinkers we have had the privilege to interview of late. 

Roots Edu: Online Test Prep Market, Unbundling Edtech as Strategy, and RootFlix

Online education in Bangladesh is in the early days of a boom with the addressable market pegged at ~42 million students across primary, secondary, and tertiary levels. As the world of education and work transforms under the pressure of technological shift and edtech becomes one of the hot verticals post-covid, a group of startups are experimenting with different approaches to building an early lead in the market.

GoZayaan raises undisclosed seed extension round, acquires Pakistan’s travel-tech startup FindMyAdventure 

Dhaka-based travel-tech platform GoZayaan announced that it has acquired Pakistani travel-tech company FindMyAdventure. GoZayaan has been looking to expand regionally after its stellar year in the local market. The terms of the deal were not disclosed. However, several media reports suggest that the deal valued FindMyAdventure at $3.5 million. 

The 2021 Edition of The Active Investors In The Bangladesh Startup Ecosystem

We’re excited to unveil our first and the 2021 edition of The Active Investors in Bangladesh Startup Ecosystem list — our annual composite list of VC, institutional, and angel/individual investors who made at least one investment in a Bangladeshi startup.

Sheraspace launches Bangla website, looks to make interior design services accessible to everyone

Interior design-focused prop-tech startup Sheraspace announced that it has launched a Bangla language version of its website on 21st February. The move comes as the digital interior design services company looks to make interior services accessible to more people and accelerate its growth. 

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