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Pickaboo Experiments with 3 Hours Delivery in Dhaka

Dhaka-based mobile and gadgets focused omnichannel ecommerce startup Pickaboo has launched a new 3 hours delivery service. The service, aptly named FastPick Express, promises guaranteed 3 hours delivery within select Dhaka metro areas between 9 AM – 5 PM. Pickaboo already offers two delivery options: regular and FastPick delivery. With the FastPick Express, the company adds another faster delivery option for customers. 

The difference between the three options is in the delivery time and charge. Regular delivery usually takes multiple working days to deliver a product while FastPick delivers a product the same day or the next day. With the launch of 3 hours delivery, the company adds a third option for customers and joins the fast-growing trend of quick commerce. 

Quick commerce, where ecommerce companies try to deliver products as quickly as possible — some companies promise 7 minutes delivery, others 30 minutes, has gained significant momentum across markets over the last two years. The hypothesis is simple: faster delivery can improve customer experience and increase customers’ tendency to order more frequently. Pickaboo is the first mobile and gadget-focused ecommerce company to introduce a 3 hours delivery in Dhaka. 

Pickaboo says the service is currently in beta and available in select locations in Dhaka. The company plans to roll it out gradually. Being an omnichannel player, Pickaboo enjoys certain benefits. Although it will take significant technology power and seamless integration, the company can use its growing retail outlets as delivery hubs for faster delivery. It is currently unknown whether Pickaboo delivers ecommerce orders from any of its offline outlets. However, the company used to give customers options to pick products from offline locations. 

Founded in 2016, Pickaboo has built a strong position in the mobile and gadget vertical — one of the largest categories in ecommerce — over the years. The company has used a combination of quality products, excellent customer service, timely delivery, price benefits, and clever marketing to get where it is today. To deepen its dominance, Pickaboo launched its physical retail operation in Q1 2020 to become an omnichannel ecommerce player. The company has since built a strong omnichannel business with a growing retail operation. The new initiative indicates the company is looking to up the game.  

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