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GoZayaan Unveils New Brand Identity, Eyes Constant Innovation and Growth

Dhaka-based fast-growing travel-tech startup GoZayaan has announced a new brand look for the company in an effort to revamp the brand. The rebranding was announced on 27th February 2022.  The new brand identity is said to represent constant innovation and growth, which, the company says, has been the key objective of GoZayaan since the beginning of its journey.  

Explaining the context for the rebranding, the company says: a traveler is always on the lookout for new experiences and adventures. Bringing the convenience of an entirely automated travel booking experience on a single platform for travelers was the first mission of GoZayaan. However, in an ever-changing industry, one cannot remain stagnant. The company has been working tirelessly to bring innovation to the constantly changing travel scene, ensuring utmost convenience for travelers in every step. With this in mind, rebranding has taken place.  

GoZayaan began its journey 4 years ago by providing only international flight tickets. The company quickly realized the need for hotel bookings and bus tickets. Over the last few years, the company has introduced a host of fascinating travel services including hotels, tours, and buses. Throughout the coronavirus pandemic, GoZayaa adapted consistently to adjust itself to the constantly changing tourism ecosystem. The new identity is inspired by efforts to continuously explore and innovate the world of travel. In tandem with the momentum, the brand will keep providing the latest tech-led solutions for the travelers of tomorrow. Just as travel never stops, this new identity implies that innovation will never stop for GoZayaan. 

The new logo is designed with the theme of constant innovation in mind. The bird represents curiosity that drives one to explore — much like GoZayaan itself, no matter how many adversities a bird may face, it finds a way to rise higher. In an industry that is perpetually moving, GoZayaan was able to adapt and establish itself as a capable player during trying times, dodging every difficulty. The company has always known how to move forward and work dynamically, just like the curious bird in the logo looking forward. 

GoZayaan CMO Imamul Islam explained the rebranding saying, “As a company, we have always tried to put ourselves in the shoes of the traveler. We empathize and grow with them. This is why we know what the traveler might need now and in the future. Empowering the traveler with the ability to choose his own journey is our key mission. With the vision of constant innovation in mind, we have built a new outlook for our brand.” 

GoZayaan says it understands the potential this industry holds and knows that this is where its story lies. The company says it strives to improve every day in order to fulfill this narrative. Dedicated to providing travelers with the best possible experience, it is inspired by those who explore the world. GoZayaan aims to reinvent how travel is seen by embracing technology in an increasingly connected world. Through this rebranding, GoZayaan promises to continue evolving as travel continues to evolve.  

Founded in 2017, GoZayaan has gained popularity and trust with travelers within a short time. The company offers a host of travel services including domestic and international flight and hotel booking, tours, buses, travel loans, premium visa processing services, local and international tour packages, and round-the-clock customer support.  

GoZayaan has so far raised US$3.5 million in investment from several global venture capital firms. The company says it plans to bring more travel services online and aims to build the travel infrastructure and revolutionize the travel industry in Bangladesh. 

GoZayaan published a fascinating document illustrating its rebranding story, learn more here.

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