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Ostad Partners with Teachmint to Provide Best Online Skill Training Experience in Bangladesh

Ostad, a Dhaka-based edtech startup, announced that it has entered into a partnership with Teachmint, an Indian technology company that provides VAAS (Video as a service), to launch its in-platform live class solution. This partnership will strengthen Ostad’s core ambition to provide the best live learning experience as it will solve the bandwidth issue and will enable the company to introduce automated attendance, polls, and automated notes creation. 

Ostad, an edtech startup based in Dhaka announces a partnership with Teachmint, India's largest teaching platform to leverage the best learning experience through live classes. As the partnership comes to light and gets implemented, learners at Ostad will be able to join live classes, interact, take part in live quizzes as well as other features using comparatively lower bandwidth. 

Currently, Ostad provides online live classes using another third party video conferencing service provider but as the demand gets higher, the need for using a more efficient technology at scale brings up this collaboration. 

Founded in 2019, Ostad says that it aims to build a skilled Bangladesh. The company sets itself apart from pre-recorded video courses by offering online live courses for the learners. 

Teachmint is an education infrastructure player having over 10 million users in India. The company provides a proprietary mobile-first video technology highly optimized for low bandwidth use and distinctly customized for educators with features like live classes, recording and storing lectures, automated attendance, polls, automated notes creation etc.

Announcing this partnership, Mihir Gupta, the cofounder and CEO of Teachmint said "We are thrilled to partner with Ostad and believe that their mission of skilling Bangladesh can deliver deep and fundamental impact. This partnership is in line with our commitment to enable fast growing Edtech companies with the necessary infrastructure to provide a seamless teaching-learning experience."

About the partnership, Abdullah Al Musabbir,  the co-founder and CEO of Ostad said,”here at Ostad, we are always adopting newer technologies to make Bangladesh skilled. Bandwidth still being an issue in Bangladesh especially in joining live classes, the proven technology of Teachmint will pave the way to learn live with high quality video and slides at a lower bandwidth”

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