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Future Startup Weekly 21: Misfit, Go Zayaan, Investors, Bondstein, Angel Investment and More

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Future Startup Weekly No. 20: SWAP, IDLC VC Fund, GP Accelerator, wagely, ToguMogu, Truck Lagbe

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The Making of Misfit Technologies: An Interview with Munimul Islam, Co-founder and CEO, Misfit Technologies

Munimul Islam is the CEO and co-founder of Misfit Technologies Limited. Founded in 2017, Misfit provides tech solutions to companies across industries in the Asia Pacific region. Over the last few years, the company has experienced excellent growth in a number of markets and has become a leading provider of tech solutions to a long list of companies across industries including telecom, FMCGs, e-commerce, travel, and B2C. The company now looks to expand to more markets in Southeast Asia and the Middle East. 

In this excellent interview with Future Startup's Ruhul Kader, Munim talks about his path to entrepreneurship and how he came to found Misfit, the impact of his prior experience on his entrepreneurial journey, how he and his co-founders funded the company, put together resources, and orchestrated the growth in the early days, discusses the state of Misfit’s business today, operational intricacies and ambition going forward, how Misfit has built a model to spin off its successful products into independent companies, what he believes to be the biggest challenges for founders, how he thinks about business building and reflects on the lessons he has learned from his journey and much more. Link

As Travel Returns After Months of Shutdown, Go Zayaan Looks to Make Travel Easy and Accessible

While markets are in different stages of travel recovery, we are already seeing a hint of the post-pandemic future of travel. Slowly travel is returning to its old glory. Naturally, after months of shutdown, travel craving is a real thing. In many markets, while international travel is still limited, local travel has returned to almost its pre-pandemic level.

Travel-tech startup Go Zayaan seeks to seize the opportunity. The company has recently closed its seed round investment and now plans to take travel to a larger number of people as it prepares for accelerated growth. Link

The 2021 Edition of The Active Investors In The Bangladesh Startup Ecosystem

We’re excited to unveil our first and the 2021 edition of The Active Investors in Bangladesh Startup Ecosystem list — our annual composite list of VC, institutional, and angel/individual investors who made at least one investment in a Bangladeshi startup. Some of these data points come from our internal reporting and database. Others come from sources like Crunchbase and regular media coverage of Bangladeshi startups. 

The purpose of making the list is to make it easier to find relevant investors who take interest in the Bangladesh startup ecosystem. One can use the list for various purposes such as looking for investors for a round, landing a VC job, or building a network. It is not a ranking and the names are not in any particular order. Link.

Dhaka-based Leading IoT Company Bondstein Raises $1 Million in New Investment, Looks to Invest in R&D and Expansion

Bondstein Technologies Limited, the Dhaka-based IOT company, announced that it has secured an investment worth of $1 million. The strategic investment is led by Runner Trading Limited, a subsidiary of Runner Group and is participated by other unnamed investors.

The company plans to use the fresh capital in acquisitions, R&D of new IoT solutions, inventory and expansion of manufacturing facilities, and expand in IoT Technology export in the coming days. Link

Guide: How to Think About Raising Angel Investment in Bangladesh

Raising investment is a skill. Having an excellent idea, even sometimes early traction does not guarantee that you will be able to raise investment. Sometimes you might be able to raise investment but from the wrong investors. So you must spend time in both finding the right angel investors as well as in convincing them to invest in your company. Link

Interesting ideas

Lessons from Keith Rabois: How to be an Effective Executive. Link. 

Call center business in Bangladesh. Link

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Founder stories
Founder stories

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