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Kludio Launches Incubator Program for Food Entrepreneurs Called Launchpad

Kludio, the Dhaka-based full-stack cloud kitchen startup, has launched an incubator program for food entrepreneurs in Bangladesh called Kludio Launchpad with a stated ambition to enable promising Bangladeshi food entrepreneurs to launch and expand their F&B business. The program is currently accepting applications from interested food entrepreneurs

Details: Kludio Launchpad is an intensive 3-months incubation program designed for food entrepreneurs to help them launch and expand their business. The application is open for any food entrepreneur who aims to launch a new food brand or expand their existing business.

The selected teams will get access to Kludio’s state-of-the-art kitchen, staff, CX, logistics, and technology and receive focused guidance from Kludio around business operations, brand building, and growth strategies. 

Why it matters 

The Coronavirus Pandemic has put the Bangladeshi F&B industry in a dire condition with 25%-30% of restaurants permanently closing after the first wave and another 50% business plunge after the second wave, as per data from Bangladesh Restaurant Owners’ Association and SME Foundation. Another 1,000+ restaurants are now at risk of closure due to pandemic-induced low customer turnout and the exorbitant cost of business operation. 

Kludio wants food entrepreneurs and brands, both physical and virtual, to successfully navigate the pandemic, to strive and grow; and that’s the core mission of Kludio's KaaS model. 

The company says, Kludio has launched the Launchpad incubation program to solidify the effort; giving growth-focused restaurants, cloud kitchens, home-cooks, and aspiring food entrepreneurs the opportunity to launch and grow their business. The effort falls in line with Kludio's strategy to grow its KaaS business. 

Founded in 2019, Kludio currently helps food businesses grow and expand by handling production to delivery with its KaaS (Kitchen-as-a-Service) solution. Kludio has recently been selected for this year’s cohort of Singapore-based startup accelerator Iterative.


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