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Mastering What Other People Have Already Figured Out: These 5 Founder Interviews Offer Excellent Insights on Challenges of Early-Stage Businesses

1. Started as a Small Operation, Bohubrihi Sees Excellent Growth and Matures Operation. CEO Yanur Islam Piash Shares What’s Next for the EdTech Startup

In this excellent conversation with Future Startup’s Ruhul Kader, Bohubrihi co-founder and CEO, Yanur Islam Piash, shares about the latest developments at the fast-growing ed-tech company post our conversation about a year ago and lessons he has learned in entrepreneurship.

We cover Bohubrihi’s growth, evolving operation and business model, expansion, strategic ambition, growth plans, and priorities for 2021 and the future of online learning in Bangladesh.

2. How We Built Just Storys: Breity Sabrin, Co-founder, and CEO, Just Storys

Over the last decades, the internet, an open medium that empowers consumers, has changed how advertising works. Consumers today have greater freedom in what they want to watch and attend to. On youtube, it is easy to skip an ad and a video if one doesn't like it. Distractions abound. The attention span of average humans has shrunk to that of goldfish. To that end, the age of the TV mindset is long gone. Today, there is no ad, every communication is content and storytelling. This is where Just Storys, a Dhaka-based online content marketing company, comes in. The company says it provides content marketing solutions to companies fit for the internet age. 

We recently sat down with Breity Sabrin, co-founder, and CEO of Just Storys, to learn more about her journey to entrepreneurship,  how Just Storys came into being, the state and evolution of Just Storys, and its ambition going forward, lessons she has learned from her journey so far, and much more.

3. How We Built Ostad: Fahim Siddique and Shourov Barua, Co-founders, Ostad

Fahim Siddique and Shourov Barua are co-founders of Ostad, a Dhaka-based education technology company that provides live online courses and skill development solutions. 

Ed-tech continues to gain popularity across markets. In Bangladesh, there has been a growing conversation around online education over the years and the coronavirus pandemic has accelerated the growth. As computer technology and internet penetration converge in the coming years, the internet is likely to shape education in many ways. 

In this wide-ranging interview, Mr. Fahim and Mr. Shourov talk about how Ostad came into being and has grown from a small operation to a growing ed-tech player in Dhaka, the state of Ostad today, and ambition going forward, shares their takes on building ed-tech startups, and reflects on the lessons they have learned from his journey, and much more.

4. The Art of Entrepreneurship: Dr. Faruqul Islam, Founder, Unique Pain and Paralysis Centre

Physiotherapy continues to gain popularity in medical services across markets. In Bangladesh, there has been a growing demand for pain management and rehabilitation services over the years. As the population ages, the demand is likely to grow further. 

In this wide-ranging interview with Fahim Bin Faruque, Mr. Islam talks about his path to what he is doing today, how he has grown UPPC from a small operation to a full-fledged physical therapy center, the state of UPPC today, and ambition going forward, shares his takes on building healthcare enterprises, the rise of alternative medicines, jobs of a founder, and reflects on the lessons he has learned from his journey, and much, much more.

5. Making of Audacity and The Art of Entrepreneurship: Abu Bakkar Siddiq, CEO, Audacity

Abu Bakkar Siddiq is the co-founder and CEO of Audacity IT Solutions, a Dhaka-based fast-growing technology services company that provides mobile apps, websites, and tech products design and development solutions to local and international clients. 

In this wide-ranging interview, Mr. Siddiq talks about his path to what he is doing today, how he has grown Audacity from a small team of 3 people to a fast-growing enterprise, on company culture, growth, money management, sales and marketing, jobs of a founder, the state of Audacity today and ambition going forward, and much, much more.

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