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4 Bangladeshi Founders Share Their Entrepreneurial Journey and Practical Lessons in Building Business from Scratch

On Building Popular Consumer Tech Products for Bangladesh: An Interview with Shamim Hasnath, CEO, Ridmik Labs, CTO DataBird

Shamim Hasnat
Shamim Hasnath

Shamim Hasnath is the founder and CEO of Ridmik Labs and CTO of DataBird. Shamim created the Ridmik Keyboard in 2012 when he was a second-year student of Computer Science at Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology. Today, Ridmik Keyboard is one of the top communications apps in Bangladesh with over 50 million cumulative downloads and 25 million monthly active users. 

In 2018, Shamim joined DataBird and together they launched Ridmik Labs to build Bangladesh’s leading consumer Internet mobile apps. Today, Ridmik Labs has a number of popular products across news, ebook readers, messaging, and communication. 

In this excellent interview, we talk about how Shamim made his way into building popular tech products and entrepreneurship, the state of Ridmik Labs and its many products and services, how different products of Ridmik connect with each other, Ridmik’s ambition going forward, and his lessons on building successful tech products for the local market in Bangladesh and much more. 

Read the interview here.

iFarmer Co-founder and CEO Fahad Ifaz on Growth, Strategy, and Priorities for 2021

Jamil M Akbar and Fahad Ifaz, Founders, iFarmer (from left to right)
Jamil M Akbar and Fahad Ifaz, Founders, iFarmer (from left to right)

In this excellent conversation with Future Startup’s Ruhul Kader, iFarmer co-founder and CEO, Fahad Ifaz, shares about the latest developments at the leading agri-tech company post our conversation about a year ago and its recent funding round.

We cover iFarmer’s growth, evolving operation and business model, expansion, strategic ambition, and growth plans and priorities for 2021.

Read the interview here.

The Art of Entrepreneurship: Kowser Ahmed, Founder, The KOW Company

Kowser Ahmed Nirob
Kowser Ahmed

Kowser Ahmed is the Founder and CEO of The KOW Company, a Dhaka-based fast-growing content post-production management company serving global clients.

In this wide-ranging interview, Mr. Ahmed talks about his path to what he is doing today, how he has grown The Kow Company from a small team of 3 people to a leader in image post-production vertical across markets, on company culture, growth, decision making, sales and marketing, jobs of a founder, the state of The KOW Company today and ambition going forward, and much, much more.

Read the interview here.

How Zingo Has Built a Successful Re-commerce Marketplace with Naim Ahamed, Co-founder, and CEO, Zingo

Zingo founders
Zingo founders

Zingo is a Dhaka-based re-commerce company that has successfully built a second-hand smartphone marketplace and runs several relevant services around smartphones such as repairing, refurbishing smartphones, smartphone exchange programs, etc. Founded in 2017 as Humpty Dumpty, later rebranded to Zingo, and run by a small team of tenacious people, the company has not only experienced excellent growth, it has also built a strong business that makes money. 

Zingo is a fascinating story of determination, precocity, a critical trait for young founders according to Paul Graham, and the conscientiousness of its founder Naim Ahamed and its founding team. 

Naim Ahamed along with his friend dropped out of college as teenagers so that they could start their own company and buy a private jet one day. No matter how absurd that sounded, Naim never gave up on his dreams. That small step was the beginning of his journey as an entrepreneur that has led to the founding of Zingo, an online marketplace to buy and sell second-hand mobile phones.

In this interview, Naim Ahamed shares the story of his journey, how he started the earlier incarnation of Zingo called Humpty Dumpty and later turned it into Zigo, the state of Zingo’s business today and its ambition going forward, how he found helps simply asking for it using the power of the internet, what he learned from his journey so far and much more. 

Read the interview here.

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