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On Live Commerce and Convergence of Commerce and Entertainment with Rashedun Nabi, Partner, Strategy & Business Development, Next Billion PTE Limited

Jan 25, 2021

There is a new convergence happening in the commerce space. First came the rise of digital commerce across verticals and the conversion of offline commerce into digital. Over the past years, we have seen the convergence happening between online and offline commerce, where online-only operators are getting into offline retail and merging the two using the advantage of data and tech. In China and Southeast Asia, it is now aptly called O2O. 

A new convergence is on the rise today, it is the convergence of entertainment and commerce. With the growth of internet and smartphone penetration coupled with the popularity of video content, we are seeing entertainment and shopping is increasingly becoming indistinguishable. This is where a new trend is soaring: live commerce, where you watch videos and shop. 

In this excellent interview, we sit down with Rashedun Nabi, Partner, Strategy & Business Development, Next Billion PTE Limited, and a Live Commerce aficionado, to discuss the origin and dynamics of live commerce and the future of live commerce in Bangladesh and his live commerce project at Ajkerdeal, the country’s leading ecommerce platform to launch the first live commerce platform in Bangladesh. 

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