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Building A Global SaaS Business From Bangladesh: An Interview With Sheikh Shourav, Founder and President, Apploye Inc

January 18, 2021

In this wide-ranging interview, we sit down with Sheikh Shourav, Founder and President of Apploye, to learn more about his journey to what he is doing, and the inner workings of Apploye, the global SaaS company he is building out of Bangladesh. We talk about his early life and his motivation behind pursuing an entrepreneurial life. The origin of Apploye, the early days of building the product, putting together the team and resources together, going into the market and convincing the first handful of users, and overcoming the challenges of beginning from the scratch. We talk about the state of Apploye’s business today and ambition going forward, reflect on the trials and tribulations of being a founder, the importance of measured pessimism, building a process-driven operation, stoicism, and much more. 

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