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Reward Management Company Global Mileage Launches in Dhaka

Global Mileage Management Company started its journey as the first reward management company in Bangladesh on 21st December 2020 to reward travelers with affiliated benefits from the company partners. It has introduced the idea of reward points in the name of “Gmileage”, which can be both redeemed and spent by the users. Provided facilities can be availed in form of flights, hotels, shops, dine-in, and entertainment from 15 global and 100 local partners.

Usually, the airline companies reward their customers with mileages, also known as airline miles, which is a type of travel reward. With most airlines, the customers can enjoy various facilities from concerned partners by using them. But due to the irregularity of traveling through the same airlines, often the travelers end up losing their redeemed mileages. Global Mileage Management aggregates all these airlines under one big umbrella and ensures that the customers are not deprived of what they deserve.

“The idea of Gmileage first struck my mind when I realized the mileage relapse that takes place due to different mileage programs held by different airline companies. For most of the travelers, even after being regular customers, this remains a severe issue,” says the founder and chairman of Global Mileage, Mr. Monoj Roy. Like mileage, Gmileage also has an expiration date. Furthermore, by using the boarding pass, a certain amount of discount can be availed from some of the partner shops.

Global Mileage management currently has four programs, each for a specific customer segment. It has introduced Gmileage Guest Program designed to award travelers with a Gmileage account. These people would be able to avail of any of the aforementioned services from the company partners by using their Gmileage or both cash and Gmileage, redeemed through traveling. To enhance their shopping experience, the company has opened its online reward shop, Gmileage shop.

For the company employees, there is a Corporate Travel Manager Program. Through this program, by being Gmileage Guest users, the employees of the company who deal with the local partners would be able to earn Gmileage from their management business travel and their colleagues.

For the affiliated organizations, Global Mileage has designed Gmileage Partners, which offers these companies with filtered customers who’re, in fact, the Gmileage Guest users. However, the most thoughtful program of Global Mileage has been Gmileage Highsellers, targeted towards the Travel agencies and their agents. “From my 8-years’ experience in this industry, I can tell that the travel agencies and their employees are the most deprived ones,” says Mr. Monoj, “That’s why I designed the High Seller Program for them so that they, besides the customers, can also enjoy various facilities.” These front line agents would be able to earn their Gmileage when they book for their customers.

The main aim of Global Mileage is to replace the idea of discount with reward points. Alongside Gmileage, the company has a gift card and raffle draw facilities. The company also plans to introduce a donation and afforestation scheme using Gmileage and involving partner NGOs and nurseries to help the environment and ensure sustainable growth.

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