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Game Plan Signs Jamal Bhuyan as Brand Ambassador

Bangladesh National Men’s Football Team skipper and footballing sensation Jamal Bhuyan signs for Game Plan as a brand ambassador. The partnership will see Jamal Bhuyan joins the online fantasy sports platform to promote the brand. The company says in a press release, “Jamal who himself is not just a football player on the field but also a great analyst when it comes to football, his late-night analysis on La Liga matches on television has given us an insight of his core knowledge on the sport, is a great addition to a skill-based fantasy sports platform like Game Plan. His charisma will definitely be a boost for Game Plan and the overall ecosystem of fantasy sports in Bangladesh.”

Jamal Bhuyan will now promote the campaigns and events organized by Game Plan. Around the world many other professional sportspersons represent different fantasy sports platforms. In our neighboring India, many sportspersons are representing different online fantasy sports platform as brand ambassador. These partnerships have boosted the scene of fantasy sports dramatically there.

As a player and analyst, Jamal Bhuyan understands the impact of Fantasy Sports and how it can entice the fans more into the games. “Fantasy Sports Platforms are very popular around the world, it makes the youth motivated in all the right areas and I am very excited to be part of Game Plan,” said Mr. Jamal.  Founder of Game Plan Sanzar Adnan Alam said, “We are extremely happy and proud to have the skipper of Bangladesh National Men’s Football Team - Jamal Bhuyan as our brand ambassador. His involvement will give our platform a positive boost for us and also will contribute to the overall situation of fantasy sports in Bangladesh”.

Game Plan is a fantasy sports platform based in Bangladesh. Launched in 2029, Game Plan allows a participant to use their knowledge of sports to engage in enduring and interactive fantasy leagues and win exciting rewards.

Go deeper into Game Plan with our interview with Game Plan founder Sanzar Adnan Alam published last year here.

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