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This Week in Future Startup: Issue 11

1. iFarmer: Enabling Investment and Creating Wealth Through Farming and Agriculture

One approach to view iFarmer development is that the company is building an ecosystem with an ambition to maximize benefits for both farmers and retail farm investors who invest in these farmers through the iFarmer platform. Read the full essay here.

2. New B2B Marketplace for Small Retailers Chowkbazar.com Launches

Despite the huge growth in internet penetration in Bangladesh over the past decades, approximately 4 to 5 million small retailers (dokandar) holds more than 98% of all Bangladesh retail and trade market, which directly connect 180+ million population of Bangladesh. chowkbazar.com, an online wholesale marketplace for small retailers, launches in Dhaka with an ambition to solve problems for small retailers. Small retailers can buy all of their business goods from chowkbazar.com without leaving their shops. Read the full essay here.

3. BeshiDeshi.com: Digitizing the Work of Bangladeshi Artisans and Craftsmen

Founded in 2018, BeshiDeshi.com operates with a vision to ensure sustainable income sources for SMEs by providing an opportunity to showcase and sell their products worldwide. Today, BeshiDeshi.com is the biggest digital platform for Made in Bangladesh products where all Bangladeshi artisans, craftsmen, manufacturers can promote and sell their products, and customers from all over the world can select, compare and purchase ‘made in Bangladesh’ products. Read the full essay here.

4. Bookworm #6: 5 Lessons on Dealing With Addictions from Breaking Addiction by Lance M. Dodes

5. Addictions are the royal road to understanding yourself: “Because addictions are efforts to deal with the most important emotional issues of your life, it is impossible to understand them without understanding yourself as a person. Likewise, it is extremely useful to explore the emotional factors that precipitate addictive behavior; understanding these factors provides a shortcut, a “royal road” to understanding yourself.”

5. Our first text-based free Course: How to Start and Run a Startup

Over the years, we have interviewed hundreds of founders and learned a tremendous amount from their work, journey, and insight into how to start and build a company. We are working on using that knowledge to develop a course on how to start and run a startup in Bangladesh. This is an early draft of that initiative. The current version includes 100+ interviews, practical insights into starting and building companies. Go through the course here.

6. Help us to hire great interns: Future Startup Internships 2021

We have exciting internship opportunities for intellectually curious people who are passionate about business writing and working with entrepreneurs and companies across the technology and startup scene in Bangladesh. Applications are open now. Learn more here.

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