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New EdTech Startup Shikho Aims to Provide High-Quality Digital Education at an Affordable Price

Nov 9, 2020

Access to quality education remains a major challenge for most parents in Bangladesh. The quality is not distributed equally across the country. The top ten schools in Bangladesh are far ahead of the rest of the pack. The best schools in Dhaka are far ahead of the best schools in any other part of the country. Even within Dhaka, only a small number of parents can afford to send their kids to the best schools. The best schools are concentrated geographically, making access to high-quality education almost impossible for most pupils. 

The internet could effectively break this distribution problem and create more equitable access to quality education across the country. There is no boundary on the internet. 

This is one of the problems Shikho, a newly launched ed-tech company, aims to solve. With high-quality digital content and affordable price, the company aims to make quality education accessible to all. 

Going deeper

1/ Shikho is a newly launched ed-tech company in Dhaka that aims to develop a best-in-class mobile learning application for Bangladesh. The company, launched on October 30th, provides online learning through Shikho mobile app. The app has animated video lessons, video lectures, text-based notes and solutions of previous years’ questions and answers, and a recommendation engine that analyzes the learning curve of a student and suggests areas of improvement. 

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